What is your favorite drink that keeps you going at work (and/or beyond)?

carolyn french Community Champion Nov 09, 2017

I'll have to go with the obvious- coffee, even better if it has condensed milk in it like this Vietnamese coffee. Happy Friday, everyone!!

Vietnamese Coffee.jpg

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Gin.  I promise myself I can have one when I've had a successful day.

Just plain gin? Rocks or neat? I love gin but have never had it plain. What brand do you recommend?

There's so much choice nowadays.  My local pub has 50 different ones, from 40 different distilleries.

Our supply currently has a Plymouth gin, Wrecking Coast (clotted cream gin), Phipps, a Warners rhubarb gin, a Portobello road, and one from the Cotswolds distillery.  There's a bottle of the supermarket's own for cocktails knocking around too.

I usually drink it with tonic, somewhere between 1/3rd and 1/2 gin.  Always cold, but I tend to use metal "ice cubes" so there's no melting and diluting.

For work though (I don't usually drink on school nights), I alternate between tea and coffee depending on the mood of the day.  Both have to be strong, and the coffee is sometimes espresso, sometimes french press.

They are always made properly - teapot for the tea, and coffee beans ground at the point of use.

I have a specialist tea and coffee importer pretty much on the doorstep, which means I get something different every few weeks.

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Nov 10, 2017

I love the Monkey 47 Gin. It is distilled in the southern part of Germany, the Schwarzwald (Black Forest). Great taste!  

Yup, my pub fed me that one a while ago.  Quite fond of the Monkey Shoulder as well.

My husband takes coffee very seriously; I get fresh ground french press on the weekends, and I froth my milk with a milk frother so it's like a foamy au lait. So good.

I will note these gin brands. I am intrigued to try them.

Woot!  I like to drink lots of water!  Of course my coworker has a space heater in the office, which brings it up a few degrees :)

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Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Nov 10, 2017

Although I would say, I'm no German by cliché (I don't wear Bavarian clothes and I really don't like the Oktoberfest), I do like beer.

I prefer "Weissbier" or "Weizenbier". And most of this kind of beer is produced in Bavaria, so far for the cliché. But I also drank this in San Francsico, brewed in the United States and it was also tasty.

At work, of course, I run on coffee. Simple coffee with milk in the big mug, you can see on my desk and something you probably don't know outside Germany: fritz-kola (a small independent soft drink producer from Hamburg). 


carolyn french Community Champion Nov 12, 2017

I wonder where I can obtain fritz-cola. Is it a "cola" soft drink? Are there other flavors?

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Nov 13, 2017

Yes, it's kind of coke, but they also produce lemonades based on

  • lemon
  • melon
  • orange
  • elder-cherry-apple
  • Organic grapes 
  • Coke with coffee
  • organic rhubarb 
  • Paraguay tea
Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Nov 13, 2017

I don't think, they sell their beverages outside of Europe 🙁

carolyn french Community Champion Nov 16, 2017

That's too bad for me :( The flavors sound amazing

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Nick Menere Community Champion Nov 09, 2017

I used to drink energy drinks like a cliched programmer.... until I watched a doco about what it did to my body...

I now rely on the great Aussie flat-white coffee and don't watch docos anymore...

I have still never tried a flat white because I only want to try it in Oz!

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 10, 2017

I actually laughed at "don't watch docos anymore." 😆

Kimberly Deal Community Champion Nov 16, 2017

*sigh*  my heart aches for a real NZ flat white.....the states have finally caught up with the civilized world, but it still isn't the same.  Also miss having ginger slice with it.  

2 votes

I am addicted to my morning coffee (ideally, a cappuccino) and as my teammates can tell you, to flavored sparkling water. When I'm back at my desk, I will have to share a picture of my rainbow of empty La Croix cans. Today I drank a lime one just to have green. Looking forward to the next time the office has plain, which is blue. 

I may have a problem. 

For the "beyond" part, I love a good cocktail (my favorites are Moscow Mules or French 75s) and of course, wine.  Lately I have been sipping on Four Roses bourbon during games night.

Basically I love beverages. Thanks for the question, @carolyn french!

carolyn french Community Champion Nov 09, 2017

Moscow mules are so delicious- there may be something about that cold copper mug that makes them even better...

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 10, 2017

I love French 75s. 🤗

I got copper mugs recently and it brings it to a whole new level.

@Erica Moss I make a mean French 75. Mmm.

1 vote

At work, I live on cold brew coffee. After work... Well there's this delightful old vine zinfandel calling my name right now....

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Jack Brickey Community Champion Nov 09, 2017

Double shot of espresso followed by lots of Water with lemon. 

Oh, water with lemon! So delicious.

1 vote

It's a constantly rotating selection for me.   My co-workers know I am a frequently have a Coke at my desk.  But I'm trying to cut down my caffeine, so lots of water lately instead.   I've been a big fan of various Iced teas.  I can't seem to find any appreciation of coffee.  I think it's because I've only ever burned my mouth with really hot coffee, pretty much every time I've ever tried to enjoy it.  :O

I enjoy lots of different varieties of beer.  Hefeweizen, Belgian wit, Pilsner, and pale ales are my common choices, but I'm also not shy of IPAs, Amber lagers, and Dunkel when I can find it.

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Angela Smith Atlassian Team Nov 10, 2017

Non-Fat Chai Tea Latte (if you are ordering me one from Starbucks) :-) We have a the original Oregon Chai Tea Concentrate in the Atlassian kitchen which is a great alternative. We ran out last week and I felt crabby all day without it.

At night...I fancy a Dirty Kettle Martini up OR a nice crisp Sauvvy B.  

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 10, 2017

Love a good dirty martini with extra olives. 🍸

Angela Smith Atlassian Team Nov 10, 2017

@Erica Moss did you know that you should always serve the martini with an odd number of olives? Apparently this is good luck. I didn't want to jinx myself so I ask for at least 3. 

Jack Brickey Community Champion Nov 10, 2017

that is odd indeed!

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 10, 2017

I did not know that!

carolyn french Community Champion Nov 12, 2017

How very punny!

1 vote

Although I'm a heavy coffee drinker at work, I like tea better. I have a pretty good collection of teas from India, China, Russia and the Philippines - which I brought from those countries. Indian tea is my favorite so far!

There is a tea club in our San Francisco office, @Andrew Golokha -- I'll get you plugged in the next time you're here!

That's awesome! Let's do it.

Kimberly Deal Community Champion Nov 16, 2017

aww....now I need to come visit for tea!  :-)

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Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 10, 2017

I live and breathe for iced coffee, cold brew, hot coffee — I know that I cannot quit it, and I'm a-okay with that. 👌🏼

After work, I love a good sauvignon blanc or a fizzy cocktail of some kind. 🥂

Clearly you, me, and @Angela Smith need to have a Sauvignon Blanc taste-off next time you're in town. For science!

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 13, 2017

@Monique van den Berg For the greater good.

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I'm really enjoying gin & tonic lately (with lime, not cucumber) and mind you, this is the "and beyond" part... :P

Otherwise it's cold brew coffee, water, V8, and 1/3 of a can of Coke Zero... I can never finish it. >_<

Black Coffee and recently Qahwa. 

0 votes

At work, mostly tea and water. Oh, and an espresso in the afternoon. After work, I really tried to like beer but to no avail. I'm now exploring different wines, my favourites are the sweet ones :) 

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 16, 2017

I also struggle on the beer front. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Find an excuse to come visit Canada and we'll sort out the beer issue. Or at least we'll have fun trying :) 

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Kimberly Deal Community Champion Nov 16, 2017

Just about every morning, is a walk over to Tim Hortons for coffee with one of my team.  Not that I'm a big fan of Tim Hortons, but they are in walking distance.  Fridays are Starbucks "fruffy expensive espresso" drink days. 

When I'm at home, its tea....lots of tea.  ALL THE TEA !!!
Herbals and Fruits for the evening and Earl Grey or English Breakfast (with milk and sugar of course!) in the morning or early afternoons. 

Coffee. Preferably ground fresh from beans. I used to drink 5 cups a day but started getting caffeine withdrawal headaches, so now I have 1-2 a day. Morning kick-start and afternoon jolt.

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 16, 2017

Wow, I thought I really loved coffee, but five cups is definitely next-level. ☕️

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I'm not sure what's in this stuff, but I can't stop drinking it.




My routine is boring - black coffee every morning. But, when in Barcelona for Summit Europe, I was introduced to Cafe Solo. I wish I could make them taste as good at home! Wonderful way to start the day and get pumped for work. 

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