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Sprint burn down insight not showing up..!

Vishnu July 11, 2022

Hi All,


I have created the sprint with start & end dates as 1st Jul and 29th Jul and have added all the tasks and bugs into the sprint.

When I try to access the insights I can't see the sprint burndown chart


As per the support article, I have enabled estimates and added story points, story point estimates, original estimates, and time tracking and using all the fields for all the issues types in jira.

Please let me know what I'm missing here..?

Thanks in Advance.

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Dana V. Baldwin December 2, 2022

This can happen if the dates we're off when you set the Sprint. Sometimes JIRA will mess them up and sometimes it's user error (psst.. it's mostly JIRA).

Check the Start and Stop dates under edit sprint on the backlog view.


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Huy Quang Nguyễn July 11, 2022

You need to ensure that your board configuration had enable the Estimation by click to the "Board" button on the right side in your Active Sprint tab in Jira. Click "Configure" -> go to "Estimation" tab and just click in to Remaining Time Estimate and Time Spent radio button in Time Tracking part. You can also choose your main statistics for your board by click into the Estimation Statistics dropdown box and pick anything you like (Time estimate or story point).

Go Back to your board and checking your sprint burndown report again!

Vishnu July 11, 2022

Hi Huy Quang,

Thanks for your reply.

I have followed the steps you have suggested and when I click "Configure" from the board I'm not seeing the "Estimation Tab".


rather I can see the "Estimation" from the features tab of my jira like the snap below


I have already selected the story point here which really didn't bring up the sprint burndown chart.

Vishnu July 11, 2022

I have changed the "estimation " to track using time but had no luck still the sprint burndown is not showing in the insights.


Huy Quang Nguyễn July 11, 2022

I see. I'm using the step for Jira Server, however I think I have same problem with you when the first using Jira Cloud. The burnchart for story point still work but for the time estimate doesn't. So I change the type of project when I created the new one

Please ensure with me that when you create your project. You selected the "Company-managed" instead of "Team-managed".

Screenshot 2022-07-12 123915.png

And try to setting all the things like I said before, I logged work on an issue and the burndown chart is finally worked. I don't know why but maybe you can try this way.

Vishnu July 11, 2022

Yeah, Jira Server has a lot of controls compared to Jira cloud. Right now my project is a team-managed project and I'm afraid I can't change this to a company-managed project as we are in the middle of the active sprint.

Thanks for your help, Huy Quang.

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