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Service Desk - canned responses

Daniel Scott May 2, 2019

I'm evaluating Service Desk and have a couple of questions:

1. I would like the Service Desk widget to automatically evaluate the question being asked and offer some responses. This would provide some customers with immediate resolution and reduce loading on support personnel. Note that I do not want users to have to carry out a search in the Help Center.

2. When support personnel respond to a question I would like to give them a set of pre-written responses for frequently asked questions. This would provide consistent high-quality responses and reduce loading on support personnel. Ideally the pre-written responses will automatically be suggested to the support personnel based on the question. I have found 'Canned responses for comments' in the help doco but cannot find the feature that it refers to:    (

Are these requirements addressed in Jira Service Desk? Ideally without having to get extra Confluence licences.

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Deleted user May 2, 2019
  1. Help Desk Users do not consume a Confluence license, so you could allow them to search the Help Center without additional cost.
  2. I don't believe the widget allows for Help Center articles to manifest; this is only do-able via the main Help Desk when submitting a ticket - Articles will manifest on the right based on what information is typed into the summary field. This serves as deflection. However, you can set auto-responses that can be triggered via the Automation rules in Service Desk, so that when a comment contains a keyword or something, you can auto-reply with a response (including a help desk article, trouble shooting steps or whatever.
  3. I've not discovered a way to do canned responses in the way you likely mean (though I've only ever used the Cloud instance of Service Desk; maybe it's different on Server), but again, help desk articles can be included in responses. Using this means that while the agent does have autonomy over what is included in the message, you can enforce some level of consistency. These articles are suggested to the agent within the back-office ticket interface, and they can also search the KB directly to find additional articles if those suggested are not sufficient for the specific context of the ticket. Perhaps someone with experience using the Server version of JSD can speak to the canned response capabilities.

None of these solutions require "extra" Confluence licenses to the best of my knowledge.

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