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Relatively new to Jira - Using for global hardware product design teams

Avi Feldblum April 4, 2022

Hello all,

I'm new to the community here, and relatively new to Jira overall. I'm looking to start using Jira for managing mainly hardware based new products program management. I am not a Jira Administrator but would be the main "owner" and doing first level introduction to the larger team on using Jira to improve our team collaboration. Would be interested in talking with other people in a similar type position / activity, as well as looking forward to getting feedback from the more experienced people here on the group. I'll follow up with two specific questions I have as I am starting.


Avi Feldblum


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Avi Feldblum April 4, 2022

I copy below a snapshot of what I see when I create a new Issue.


Two questions, when I create the Issue, the Summary input field is what shows at the top of the Issue (here called "Some action to be assigned"). There is another field toward the bottom of the snapshot, called Description. I have not been able to figure out where / how that can be updated or filled out.


Second question is on the field Priority. The only way I have found to update that is if I view the Issue in WBS Gant Chart format. Should there be another way to update that field without going to the WBS view?


Thanks in Advance,

Avi Feldblum

Jira Snapshot.jpg

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