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Puthirin PAT _IT_ April 19, 2022

Hi Team, I would to build a page in Confluence to summarize all milestone of my project.

So, do you any sample templates for best practice to do it?



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Joel Mendonca April 19, 2022

Hi Puthirin,

You could either use a mile indicator (available in Confluence) or a good ol gantt chart. There are many other ways...but this is what is coming to my mind at this time. Cheers. Joel

Puthirin PAT _IT_ April 19, 2022

Hi @Joel Mendonca Thank you for your suggestion.

Btw, do have a sample template for sharing me?

Joel Mendonca April 24, 2022

Unfortunately, I couldnt find the template in my drive. sorry. U should be able to find one online though.

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Puthirin PAT _IT_ April 24, 2022

That's ok, thank you @Joel Mendonca 

Puthirin PAT _IT_ April 19, 2022

Thank you @Johnny FromCanada 

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