How do you manage the beta program for your software?

John Epeneter October 3, 2018

Jira is used to track issues but is also used by 1000's of teams for developing software.  I assume that many of y'all have ways to manage the program to beta test your software (recruiting customers to help test, communicating with internal and external testers, managing what builds get delivered to testers, tracking tests, gathering reported issues, de-duping reported issues, turning the final issues into Jira tickets to be assigned to developers).  

What tools are you all using to do all of this? Hopefully there is something cloud, cheap (free), and easy,  


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Bhim Raju December 6, 2022

Hi John,

Did you get any answers to your query? I'm pretty new to Jira and working on running a Beta program using the Jira Tool but not finding any documentation around it.



John Epeneter December 6, 2022


I didn't get any answers to my query. In fact, I have moved companies twice since that question. All of the companies use Jira and all of them have the exact same problem. Seems like a good product if someone is able to create it for all of us. 

Good luck and let me know if you find anything that worked for you. 

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