pushpa dwivedi September 10, 2018


I am new to Jira. just started working to set up two projects in Jira. First one is the agile and second one is for the project to be run in water fall model.

Any guidance or tips for Jira project setup is welcome.





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Phillip Ponzer _Cprime_ September 14, 2018

Here's my advice...

  1. When creating new schemes try to only create them if you absolutely have to. Try to make workflows that are usable by a lot (nearly all) projects rather than a one-off for just your one project.
  2. This not only helps with administration but also helps your users gain trust and familiarity within JIRA. If they're going from project to project and seeing a completely different workflow for roughly the same kind of work, this doesn't bode well for the end-user's understanding of JIRA.
  3. Try to keep custom field creation to a minimum. The more custom fields there are, the less performance you'll see in JIRA.
    1. https://confluence.atlassian.com/enterprise/managing-custom-fields-in-jira-effectively-945523781.html
  4. When designing a new workflow, keep it generic! If you have a workflow with too many statuses, users tend to get confused. There are always exceptions, however. Instead of creating more statuses, create more issues centered on that particular action. For instance, rather than create a "Review" status, create a JIRA issue whose summary is "Review" and use the same (or similar) workflow for that issue as the other issue types in your project.
Ryan Jones September 21, 2018

Why are you running your projects using different methodologies? Are you just testing Jira out or are these real projects? 

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