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Export all of a Project's children

Daniel J. Pinter December 10, 2021

How can I, using filters, run a report that lists all of a project's children (project -> feature -> task -> sub-task ->...).



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December 10, 2021

Hi @Daniel J. Pinter 

Welcome to the community !!

If you would be interested in a third party app, to visualize your Epic hierarchies and track sum up at each level, you can try out our add-on Agile Tools. The app also allows to export the hierarchy in a CSV format

Agile Tools - Epic Tree, Links Tree and Time in Status 

Key features of the app are :

1) Links/Portfolio/Advanced Roadmaps Hierarchy :- View/Manage roll up for hierarchy (up to 10 levels), based on your Portfolio/Advanced Roadmaps/Issue Links parent child relationship.

2) Epic Hierarchy :- View/Manage roll up for standard Jira hierarchy. Epic -> User Story -> Subtask

3) Time in Status :- More than 7 types of Time in Status reports to track your issues.

4) Worklogs Report :- Track time spent by resources with multiple filters / category / grouping features

5) Timesheet :- View/Enter your time spent for multiple days


Epic Hierarchy.PNG

Epic Hierarchy-Excel.PNG

Johnny FromCanada December 10, 2021

Filters return issues, not the structure created around issues.

OOTB, Jira has only the Epic-Standard-Subtask structure.  You can create additional custom links to create additional hierarchy structure (like Advanced Roadmaps does via “Parent Link”).  But Jira itself will not have any special awareness of such new structure.

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