Atlassian articles cut off instructions and feedback fails

Jorge Suarez July 2, 2018

Is it just me (and my IE and Chrome browsers) or does anyone else have issues with the formatting of articles on Atlassian's websites?

Under many configuration instructions/subsections the text is cut off because it is jammed into a span/section and there is not way to scroll it now.  Even when there was a scrollbar I usually had to page down a few time to get to it which made it impossible to scroll and see the text I wanted at the same time.  

For the last year I have tried to leave feedback on this horrendous formatting but I also get an error.  I'm wonder if this is just me and my network config, or are others not able to submit feedback on articles??

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Jorge Suarez July 3, 2018

I was pointed to this article, which resolved 1 of 2 problems.

The fix for leaving feedback -

Still no fix for bad formatting in article.

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