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Adding new sub-tasks types to the issue types on a team-managed project

Deleted user April 10, 2022

I added new Sub-Tasks types ( Sub-Bugs & Code Review) to our team-managed project but I can't be able to see them when creating an issue, what should I do to be able to see them & use them? 


Note: I need them to organize the story-related bugs mainly, if it was impossible to solve the above problem with the team-managed project type please do suggest any good suggestions to handle the above use case. 

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Fabio Racobaldo _Herzum_
Community Leader
Community Leader
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April 10, 2022

Hi @[deleted] ,

welcome to the Atlassian community!

If you added a new sub tasks issue type ( to your team managed project you should be to create a ticket with that type starting from a parent task just clicking on "Add a child issue" button


You can't create a subtasks from Create screen because that operation allows you just to create a parent task and not a child one.

Hope this helps,


Deleted user April 13, 2022

Hello Fibo 

Thanks for your reply, 


Yup, I do know about the subtask or child issues feature, but what I was looking for is the ability to create more than one type of sub-tasks so the team can be able to use it in a much more efficient way. 


  • Subtask / Child Issue -->  with bug type or title for QA team. without a need of creating a new stand-alone story for that.
  • Subtask / Child Issue -->  with Investigation type or title to be used by the team when they investigate something without a need of creating a new stand-alone story for that.

I was researching about this thing before and there is an ability for such thing but not for my JIRA project type ( Team-managed project), and switching to the other project type will eventually require lots of time and effort while I just looking for just this feature in my team-managed project.

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