SLA info isn't updating until I run "SLA Generation for existing issues"

I've set up pause and reset triggers in the config to test the SLA functionality. No matter what I do, the "TTS - Time To SLA (New)" field doesn't update in the issue or the issue navigator until I run the manual refresh on the /plugins/servlet/tts/configure/generate-sla-history page. 

Why is this step necessary? Shouldn't the SLA be updating in the issue? I tried reinstalling the plugin to no avail., as well as re-creating the SLAs. 'm running JIRA 6.4.1 and the latest version of the TTS plugin (5.10).

This is a glance at the config. The pause condition is the Done status and the Reset condition is changing of Resolution. It seems like the SLA doesn't reset no matter what (the SLA is not met forever, even if I go through a reset condition).

I've also tried reindexing JIRA and that didn't seem to make a difference.


How should I go about fixing this?

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Further investigation gives us the result that "Store data in database" option was unchecked.

It should be checked. Admin > Add ons > Time to SLA > Custom Fields 

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Hi Jason,

Generate SLA link is designed to be run for generating SLA data for existing issues (before the plugin installation).

So, you do not need to run it for the issues after plugin installation.

Could you please give us more details? For instance what happens after creating issue? I mean does TTS field display anything? What about any other status change (from To Do to In Progress)?

Actually I do not think this problem is just a question and needs further investigation, so we can continue this topic in our bug tracking tool if you raise an issue and give us more details. 


Per Tuncay in, checking the "Store data in database" box on /plugins/servlet/tts/configure/customfields fixed the issue.

Could you please accept my latter comment so that other users can see the solution immediately?


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