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I am trying to run an audit trail on all of my companies historical jiras by making a table via sql server. I was wondering there was a table in the jira database that tracks how many time each jira has been reopened and the date a jira was reopened. I can find the a change of status to reopen in CHANGEITEM, but can't find an associated date to each reopen time. Any help or tips would be great. Thanks!


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I can't speak for JEP, but if you need to do this with SQL, then you should join Changeitem to Changegroup.

Each changeitem line records "field X changed from Y to Z" (and you've found the status changes). If you look at changeitem, it's also got a "group id" field. Use that to read the id in changegroup and you'll find changegroup records the person who made the change, the issue ID and the date/time they did it.

Hi Aaron Since JEP reopening counter is a calculated custom field and does not store any value on database, you can not get the results via Sql. If you need to get them via Sql, you should do what Nic says. Join changeitem and changegroup tables and get the attributes properly. However it will be difficult to get all fields like resolving/reopening users and dates in a single sql.
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Thank you both. I will join those tables to find the dates. Have a great weekend.


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