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how do you assign a test to someone in Zephyr for Jira

How do you assign a test to someone in Zephyr for Jira. As all items in zephyr ofr jira are an issue, I assum you can assign a test case or test suite to a user. Could you please let me know how I could do this?

I have not been able to spot this in the notes I have read so far.


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Hi Paul,

Zephyr for JIRA is built to add testing to JIRA, but hasn't yet covered this use case in the testing lifecycle.

You can use the JIRA issue assignment if you'd like, as Zephyr inherits it, but then the test is assigned to that person for every execution. The JIRA assignment functionality thus isn't entirely applicable for testing.

I will add to our feature request list that you desire to have testcase execution assignment functionality.

Kind Regards,


It's been almost two years since this comment and it is still not in the product. When can we expect to be able to assign test cases? This seems to be a basic feature of executing test cases.

We have had to come up with non-optimal workflows with the user community to get past this and it generates continuous complaints from the users.


We also need to be able to assign test executions to different users. We develop software that runs on different platforms, and for some tests, we have testers per environment, not per functional domains. That means that a single test can be executed on Windows and on Linux by different users, and I need to be able to assign the test execution (not the test case) to these users. As we have distributed teams it's very important to be able to indicate this in JIRA.


We are using Zephyr for JIRA and this is the one key area where the product is let down.

A single Test Cycle for us can contain 500+ testcases. So within a Test Cycle we need to be able assign individual tests to individual users. That way each user can easily identify which test they must execute within a Test Cycle.

Not being able to assign execution of tests to users is particularly puzzling given that one of the options in the Zephyr Dashboard widget is to categorise by user??

This current functionality gap is causing real issues for our testing team. Please can this feature be added asap, I am sure it must be causing many other the same problems.

Thanking you for your reply in advance.

This is extremely needed feature for using Zephyr. I cannot highlight this more.

I am following this thread for last 5-6 months. For a paid tool, it is surprising that there is no ETA for the solution.

Also looking forward to this improvement.

definitely useful feature - need to be able to see, at a glance, who I have assigned a cycle to.

I have a question for all of you watching this issue. There are two theoretical ways Zephyr could offer testcase assignmenet in Zephyr for JIRA. We would like to know what are you interested in:

1. Soft testcase Assignment:

The first is a data reference that records who should be executing the testcase. This isn't a controling assignment. So it doesn't limit who executes the testcase. It simply shows who should. This perserves the abilities of an agile-like team to dig into a large set of testcases and execute them as they can.

2. Hard testcase Assignment.

This is a controlling assigment. Once testcases are assigned to a tester, only that tester can execute it. The only way for another tester to execute it would be to reassign the testcase to another tester.

Also, how should Zephyr for JIRA exhibit permissions? Should there be one owner of a test cycle, where only they can assign testcases to individuals? Should there be a group of "test leads" who can assign testcases? Esentially, do you desire adding complexity and permission sets to Zephyr for JIRA or would you rather keep openness and flexibility?

Our dev team is looking forward to you input.

Kind Regads,


I like the soft test case assignment.

Like zaphnet likes this

Hello - I also like the Soft assignment. It's important to note that it must be assigned (ideally) at the level of test case - cycle. In principle, you could have the same test case executed in two different cycles by different people. For authorisation, I would prefer giving the ability to assign a test case to a group of test leads or project admin group i.e. keep openness and flexibility.

I agree that the soft assignment is the way to go. You would need to be able to sort and search by this assignment. And I would also prefer allowing a group of test leads to assign test cases. Looking forward to seeing this functionality.

I'd rather prefer to have assignment of executions (and I guess I've commented on that already) Here's the situation: our software is supposed to work on several java appservers/databases/browsers, manual testing of each combo takes a certain amount of time. the test cases remain the same - the functionality (bar some setup/teardown steps) doesn't change from combo to combo. In my dream world, I could be able to create 2 or 3 test cycles, each having the same set of test execs (or slightly different, as the case may be), and either do a group assignment of these executions to an engineer, or some other way, but the original test case is not directly involved in assignments. It can be executed in parallel by several people. either way - definitely not the hard assigmnet.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback! I will be handing these responses to our product and development teams for review.

I suppose it depends on what the majority of respondents think but I would like the 'soft' option. I need to assign batches of tests to an individual and to be able to see easily who I have assigned them to. I am happy with test cycle assignment. I use test cycles not as complete cycles of tests for a release but as a logical means of grouping tests for execution so it is the cycle that I want to assign. Having said that, if assignment of test cycles 'trickled down' to test cases within them (optional?) or if individual test cases can be assigned as well that is fine. NO permissions complications please.

Thanks for asking

please hand these responses to your product and development teams for review and please give us updates when do you plan to implement it. We are waiting on your respond and changes that we will be able to add assignee to Test Cycle.

I favour Soft Testcase Assignment.

This functionality is very important to our organization, so I'll be selfish and give you our priorities - as others should as well :)

Our priority isn't limiting who controls the test case, it is having the flexibility to assign test cases within a cycle to whoever we have available at short notice, and for users to reassign/take on tests in the cycle as progress demands.

As part of this solution, it would be very important to us to be able to edit test cases within a cycle using the current Jira Bulk Change functionality.

From our point of view, the most important attributes that should be specific to tests in each cycle (and therefore Bulk-Editable) are:

  • Test case assignment
  • Test Environment (under this we group: Browser, URL, User)

- there are obviously others, but these are the ones that are a priority to us if that helps.

I also appreciate your question, as other respondents reply, maybe more ideas will come to me.



Test cases should not be assigned to anyone (except, perhaps, to the person who's responsible to actually update the test case). Executions should be assigned; and I'd favor the soft assignment.

Our development cycle sometimes require to execute exactly the same set of test cases on different platforms, by different engineers. Assigning the test cases(!) won't help any in this case.

I'd say, that under any view, that displays the test executions, test leads should be able to change the assignments of the executions ("select all" / filtering should be supported as well).

After integrating Zephyr in our Workflow, we have found that this issue is a major problem when managing the team workload and distributing the Cycles through the different members of the team.

Until we have a way to assign a Execution Cycle to a User, we are basically creating individual Task jiras with a list of Test Cycles every members need to work on. Far from optimal but will keep us flowing until, hopefully, 1.8 is out with this feature in ;)

Any update to where this is in your backlog? Will we see this in 2015?

This would be useful for us as well.

Thank you, everyone, for your feedback. It's great to see so many people who want this feature! With that being said, Zephyr for JIRA 2.6 officially supports this. I strongly recommend everyone who is even remotely interested in this and is not using Zephyr for JIRA go check it out, now, and everyone is is already using our plugin and has wanted this, take a look at our updated documentation regarding test execution assignment. 

If you're curious as to what else might be new in Zephyr for JIRA 2.6 Server*, check out our full release notes

I tried to tag everyone in this thread that displayed interest in this feature. I apologize if I missed someone. 

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any additional questions or feedback. We love to hear it all! Our support staff can be reached at at any time.

Thanks, all, for your continued patience while we made this highly sought-after feature a reality.

Johnathan Lyman
Senior Technical Support Lead

@Paul Blewitt, Stéphane Genin, @Celina Kincaid, @Doug Burns, @Graeme Fidler, @Deepali Patwadkar, @ErikB, @Ian Mayoh, @Jeff Benton, @Helen di Lallo, @Karen DuBrucq, @Atvars Karro, @graham white, @Dominic Ricard, @Vaughan vandermerwe, @Ahjaz Hussain, @tristan le nours, @Stefan M, @Julien, @Marc Satter, @Deirdra Strangio, @Pedro Perez, @rsud, @Patricia Gamboa, @Jiben Prakash, @Robert Card, @Dan Schiff


* Added Server as clarification to clear up some confusion.


Always nice with documentation not accessible to users, hide them behind some login that prevents those pesky complainers to report any bugs...

HI Chris - its now Jan 2016 and I am finding the same issue - please tell me that Zephyr has resolved this!!!


Hi Chris, has this been implemented....

Hi Ahjaz,

I'm sorry, but it hasn't been implemented yet. It is still in the hopper for a future release.

Kind Regards,


Hi Chris

I'd say this was fundamental to us purchasing Zephyr.

We've been trailing Zephyr on one of our tests cycles, but folk were finding his a major inconvenience.



Hi Geebubya,

Thank you for your feedback.

Kind Regards,



We also need to assign a test execution to a user.We are developing software that runs in different environment, and for some tests, we have testers per environment, not per functional domains. That means that a test case can be run on Windows and on Linux (test execution), and I need to be able to assign the test execution to different users.


I hope this is top of the list for next release. We could really use the ability to assign test instances to different people and to see the status of a set of tests by assignee.

Hi Chris,

With reference to the above topic, please advise the time frame for the new release of Zephyr which includes the ability to assign and reassign test cases upon creation and execution.

Look forward to your reply



Hi Ahjaz,

I have noted your voice in the list for this feature request. Per company policy, I am unable to share exact time frames of features coming in future releases.

Kind Regards,


As long as anyone can change the test case assignment, either the hard or soft case works for me. I need to be able to see who is assigned various tests in various views, such as the test cycle view. I'd also like to be able to sort by assignee. Being able to bulk edit this field is important as well.

Keep things simple and don't add complicated persmission schemes.

thanks for asking


Hi Chris,

is the testcase assignement included in zephyr for jira 2.0 ?

We start to use it in my company and expectations are important. So I add my voice other to vote for this feature. Nice tool by the way!

Best regards

NEED.THIS! Come on please!

We are currently evaluating Zephyr for Jira and assignment of test executions to testers is also one main feature we are missing. As for the question above, we would prefer the "soft assignment" variant (without complicated permissions) - basically we need to assign, view and filter for testers in test cycles.

@Zephyr: May I ask for the current status of this requirement? It seems to be important to a lot of people, but latest update is from Apr '13.

Best regards,



Soft assignment sounds good to me easy and quick. Also it would be nice to assign tests from the test cycle view directly.

Also could we have a way to plan multiple time the same test case in a test cycle with a particular set of requirements such as:

- TC: Share on Twitter Requirements: iPad2 Assigned To: Pierre
- TC: Share on Twitter Requirements: iPhone5s Assigned To: Paul
- TC: Share on Twitter Requirements: Nexus5 Assigned To: Jacques

Don't know if it makes sense to others but in my case it would save a lot of time cloning issues and maintaining them.


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