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Ron Sanga May 4, 2022

We are running Sprints. I meet with the Product Owner and CTO to set the priority of tasks in the Backlog. We are running 1 week Sprints. The team has asked to get a view of upcoming priorities prior to planning so they can review requirements. As part of this process we also want to vote on story points ahead of the planning session to help speed things up a bit. 

I thought of setting up a table in Confluence with a link to each issue and a column for each team member to enter their vote. However, I don't see any way to set this up in a template so I don't have to pull in each issue separately.

I can use the filter macro but that just gives a list with no way to really separate each item to get individual votes. Any suggestions?

And, no, we don't have the budget right now for one of the planning poker apps.

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Björn Brynjar Jónsson June 28, 2022

@Ron Sanga, I understand where you are coming from. I have been there when you say:

And, no, we don't have the budget right now for one of the planning poker apps.

Here is an example of how one minute saved on a planning meeting - where a total of 200 development- org members take part regularly -> adds up to + $14000 / year saved

And in this example, the number "one minute saved" is arbitrary. With a proper tool, you can save much more than that - having compared tools on the market. 

My point is that there are two sides to "no budget for tools".

There is a cost to having "no budget" as the team will spend more time. And obviously, the saved time by using a good tool must outweigh the cost.

So if you decide to look into options, be careful in selecting a tool that saves time compared to alternatives.

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Anton _Tech-5_
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May 5, 2022

Hi @Ron Sanga

Why don't you try our free Poker app? No budget required :)

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