Jira/Xray ability to have co-authorship of Test Cases and Test Executions

Bell Witkowski May 12, 2022

Does Jira/Xray have the ability to have co-authorship of Test Cases and Test Executions?

Where I work we have split a story between a few of us and only one person can be assigned a story, test case, or test execution at a time. Alternately how do other users deal with co-authorship?


Slightly off topic but related, would there ever be a feature built in that shows (or warns) when another user is working on the same story, test case, etc. as you? I'm thinking of how in a shared excel document or google sheets you can see everyone that's on the page at the same time.

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Stefan Salzl
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May 13, 2022

Hi @Bell Witkowski — welcome to the community,

from my point of view this is more a concern of how you deal your process/communication than what is the tool capable of.

A story can of course be split up or to be more precise - the tasks within a story will be taken over by several people. This is very planning steps in: within the scrum team that I‘m working with several people create TC in stories and the one working on it is assigned to it. As long as status is „in progress“ the assignee holds the issue. If there are changes needed they communicate (eg. via comments in the issue itself) and plan the task and who will do it (could mean that assignee then changes as another user is doing the change).


What would be your use case for test executions? Test executions are an instace that groups and documents testruns of several testcases. Mainly the assignee of a test execution issue (in the teams i know) is the responsible for the whole test execution. Within the test execution the test runs themself can be assigned to users too, which them are the responsible person for the operational execution (they really run what the test describes). 

As I said imho a tool sipports your process not the other way round. 


Bell Witkowski October 12, 2022

the use cases are for testing in house built Lab Info System. The system is complex and requires many QAs to author and execute testing for it. Since I asked this question we did update our process for tracking work, and subsequently added and additional custom field to capture all the contributors.

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