Insight cloud simple data lookup

Emil Emilsson September 28, 2022



I have a simple table I have put in insight.


its basicly

id   Maintext

idstring    long associated text value

anotherIdString   more long associated text value


basicly what Im trying to solve is that I have  dropdownlist with these idstrings where you select one and when you create/post/accept the next step in the process

the mainText value from that associated table in insight is grabbed and put into the issue in a freeflowing text box, which is just some field in the issue


this is quite simple if I had a database and sql. Im wondering if there is an example somewhere of how to do this in jira cloud ?


but my problem is that I never see any of that data from insight

in sql terms it is

select maintext from insightobject where id = selected value from dropdownlist


Generally what is meant to solve is, when I reject some issue you need to select the reasons for the rejection and there are 30 different fixed reasons with a large text associated with it, I plan to use this text in an email but the other part of the email remains the same.

If any of this makes sense.

I really had a tough time finding a place to store these long texts to use in emails.


hope someone has any idea 

Kind Regards,


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