How to stop a specific Confluence page from updating Jira links

Ifat Keren May 21, 2024

Hello Community,

My client uses Confluence for document technical documents.

These documents contain links to Jira.

They often need a few versions for every document.

The normal behavior of these dynamic links is that when the Jira ticket changes, then the Jira link on the Confluence page will also be updated.


They want to restrict this update action to a specific page.

This is a scenario to understand better:

  1. I have a page with links to Jira tickets, this page name is: PRD.

  2. I would like to "freeze" this page and create a version, so I copy this page.
  3. Now I have two similar pages, I give them names: One is "PRD version1", the second is "PRD version2"
  4. I'm going to keep working on the page name "PRD version 2"
  5. But, for the page name "PRD version 1", I would like to close it for editing because it's supposed to be a locked version.
  6. So, I will restrict the page editing so that no one will change anything, it will be a read-only page.
  7. My problem is with the dynamic links to Jira: I don't want them to refresh and update. I want them to stop being dynamic.

e.g if I had on the page a link to a ticket that was in status to do: even if after some time the status was changed to In progress - I don't want to see the update, not only for the status but any changes. We need like to freeze the situation that was before.


Any ideas?





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