[BigPicture] Automatically schedule issue start/end date based on remaining effort and issue order

Jonny MacEachern October 28, 2021

I'm using the BigPicture integration for Jira Cloud.

I've assigned all issues in my project a Time Estimate and am using Jira to log the effort against that.

Is there a way to automatically schedule the Start Date and End Date of all issues based on a given issue order (e.g. such as the order of the issues in the Gantt chart), the issue Remaining Estimate, and available capacity for each day?

Here is an example:

  • I have the following tasks:
    • TASK-1 (est: 5 hours remaining)
    • TASK-2 (est: 4 hours remaining)
  • Each day has 8 resource hours available
  • Ideally, TASK-1 would be above TASK-2 in some method of organizing the order of issues
  • I'd like the tool to automatically schedule TASK-1 (5 hrs) and TASK-2 (3 hours) for Monday (8 hours total)
  • I'd like the tool to automatically schedule the remaining TASK-2 (1 hour) for Tuesday
  • If I create TASK-3, decide that it's more important and want to work on it first, I move it to the top of the order and the tool automatically reschedules the issues that follow it (by pushing the existing dates out)

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Deleted user October 28, 2021

@Jonny MacEachern 

actually what you want to do is not quite in line with the Gantt diagram as Mr Gantt himself devised it. The order of the tasks, in Gantt's ideas, was to be irrelevant to the placement of duration and time of the task in relation to the others. Having said this, however, to respond to your specific need, unfortunately I don't know and I'm sorry because I really appreciate the BigPicture product and I always want to help those who want to use it. Maybe someone from Softwareplant support, who is always present here in the community, will be able to give you some suggestions. My suggestion is this: reconsider why you really need it if you really need that sorting? Isn't it enough that the hours are associated with the resource/person?

Jonny MacEachern October 28, 2021

I'd just like a way of inserting tasks into a project plan by automatically pushing out lower priority, existing tasks rather than exceeding the resource hours available for each day.

I'll try contacting Softwareplant directly.

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Deleted user October 28, 2021

@Jonny MacEachern  ok if the theme is priority use a filter to sort the tasks by priority, when you create the task source in the programme settings. I pass you 1 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohtWknfeYAo and a post that maybe can help you https://softwareplant.com/jira-big-picture-best-practices/
In any case if you write to SoftwarePlant they can help you more effectively than me. @Anna-BigPicture 

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November 2, 2021

Hi @Jonny MacEachern

I am sorry to inform you that currently, there is no possibility to achieve the above-described outcome automatically. However, since our tool is continually evolving and adapting to emerging needs, on our list, there is already a set of new functionalities which will enable it. Please find details below (re recommend to open links in the Incognito window of your browser) 
Would you mind letting me know in case of any further questions? 
Nicolas SARRABAYROUSE November 16, 2023


I have the same need : "auto-scheduling" tasks assigned to the same resource and taking into account priority (plan first high priority).


Is-it now available because I don't succeed to do it in my current BigPicture tests?

Thank you

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