Any Sample Project for ZAPI on Test Case Mgmt

Michael May 2, 2018


I went thru the community but can't find a sample project, like a story or a tutor, to introduct how to use ZAPI to do a project, which can show the beginner of how to use ZAPI.

Give you an example, my requirement is a simple one, update test case status.

My secenrio is - For each release, we have a related version in Jira and the version contains some test cycles, and some test cases are under theses different test cycles. We are running automation tests and want to update the test result to Zephyr test cases in Jira via ZAPI.

Could you please show me:

  1. Which API can list version info, like version ID
  2. Which API can list the test cycles info (cycle ID) within the version
  3. Which API can list the test cases info (test ID, execution ID) within the test cycle
  4. Which API can update test cases under the test cycle in a version, via execution ID
  5. Which API can let me create a test case in Jira if it doesn't exist by comparing the test case title (which means we need to list all existing tests)

I saw many people asked the same question on how to update test status but not resolved, It's very kind of you to help me on my scenario. And I like to write a tutor in the community after I figured out.

Thanks a lot in advance.



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Michael May 11, 2018

Finally I figured out. Will push to github if anyone needs.

It's been written in c# against jira cloud.

Santhosh Kumar May 28, 2019

Hi Michael, I am looking for the same. Could you please share the API details ?

Vasu_Repaka May 23, 2020

Hi Micheal,

Could you please provide me the GIT branch of yours to refer this solution?

Vicky R January 12, 2022

Hi Michael,


Could you please share me the GIT branch details?

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