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My views on Jira Work Management - A product helping business teams to track their work!

Hello Community,


Here I am with a itsy-bitsy experience in Jira Software & Jira Service Management, recently I got to work with Jira Work Management as well and I found it fascinating when I had a requirement from some of our business teams to track their work.


I had earlier worked on JWM when there was no sidebar project navigation or even the project view navigation bar. This took me off-guard when I created one recently, it had completely a new look altogether and I love it!


The templates are very relevant to what business teams are looking for and to get started with their work if they have little requirement on workflow, it's quite easy to setup it in a few minutes.


Here are some of the unique features that I liked about JWM as follows:

  • Summary - provides a quick overview and status of a project
  • Categories - helps categorize the issues
  • List - a list view of issues/work items created to easily track the things
  • Calendar - a view in the calendar showing the start date and end date of issues
  • Approvals - approval mechanism easily configurable in a workflow
  • Forms - collect information from other teams which will be created as issues
  • Attachments - though this is a basic feature, here we have a separate section to manage attachments
  • Project Sidebar - a quick navigation to find other recent projects

Here's a snap of the summary page view in JWM

JWM Summary.png

summary page view in JWM [ continued ]

JWM Summary 1.png

Form in JWM

JWM Forms.png

A quick tutorial in Atlassian University briefs through the above features.

Hope this provides an overview to get started tracking your work in JWM and for your business teams. Share your thoughts on how you found JWM interesting!



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Tapiwa Samkange February 23, 2024

Hi @Pramodh M - thanks for the post. I have been using JWM on a fairly regular basis for the last 18 months or so. I do agree that the feature set has grown incredibly.

Another feature I have come to appreciate in JWM is automations. I had a request from a team to have a way of automatically calculating and displaying the number of weeks before an issue's due date. Automations did the trick. 

In addition, the inclusion of the ever growing automation template library is brilliant! It helps spark ideas... some of which are useful :-) 


Shortcuts are a feature that make keeping track of project related documents that much simpler. If it has a URL, it can be added as a shortcut. Brilliant!


Speaking of URLs - Smartlinks are simply great,  meeting the dual needs of providing hyperlinks to resources and being aesthetically pleasing too.


The lack of a hierarchy in the timeline when using epics is one item that I am hoping will get resolved soon. Yes, plans can be used (and I do find them useful), however being able to switch to a timeline and see your issues displayed in the same hierarchical order as in the list view feels key. Particularly as I suspect many folks familiar with project management software tools will expect some sort of Gantt Chart-like functionality that feels like part of the project and not an add-on.

All in all, I do agree that JWM is awesome! Thanks again for this post!

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