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Need to map Remedy fields to Jira Service Desk fields

Michael Teta September 12, 2019

Hello folks,

I am doing some analysis to help my company migrate from Remedy to Jira Service Desk. 

I am trying to understand what Jira fields I can map the Remedy fields to.   

For example, there are Remedy fields called "Category", "Type", and "Item" that have a hierarchical relationship.  The "Category" defines what type of incident the request can be categorized as.   For example, there is a category called "Desktop Software".   The "Type" associated with this category are "Outlook", "Chrome Browser".  Next on the hierarchy is "Item".  They "Item" values associated with "Outlook" are "Restore deleted emails", "Export calendar" etc.  

We use this hierarchy to help funnel tickets to the right support groups.    

I've been unable to find out what the right fields in Jira might be, and if we can set up a hierarchy that would allow filter of a drop down menu choices.    

Has anybody been able to set up this type of categorization?   




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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
September 15, 2019

The "right" fields in Jira are up to you and how you want to use Jira.

Remedy, as a legacy system, is well known for imposing process instead of helping people work and you've got a big pile of fields that probably are not actually of much use.  During a migration to another tool, I would take the chance to rationalise and simplify the process so that you aren't asking your people for vast swathes of data they probably don't understand and certainly don't get right. 

That said, there is a simple answer - map the fields to whatever works best for you.  Jira has a small set of "system" fields that you should map first as they are integral and always there, and then use custom fields for the others you work out as needing.

There's only one system field I would look at in your case (given that I only have a bit of information about your processes) - the issue type might be driven by the category field.  But, bear in mind that configuration hangs off the issue type (so you could make "desktop software" work differently to "server software" and "buildings maintenance" for example).  I would then think about using a cascading select for type and item.  But I want to emphasise that I have not seen your data or how you want to use it, and my suggestions are just preliminary examples of what I might suggest, based only on what is in your question.  In real life, I'd want to look at your current process, and more importantly, your desired process, in a lot more detail before making any solid recommendations!


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