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How can objects be restored in issues after the Asset catalog is deleted and backed up?

Oto Machaladze September 6, 2023

If you are using Asset object schema in issues using assets custom fields and accidentally delete the entire object schema or specific object type, as you already know there is no way to restore objects in issues with the native Jira functionality. No matter if you backed up or not the schema or object type.

The newly released version of Insight Assets Backup & Migration has a new feature where you can restore objects in issues!

With the app, it is possible to restore the entire schema, specific object types, and objects in the issues. To do so on the same instance, where the backup of the object schema was taken, after restoring the schema, follow the next steps.

  1. In the “Synced schemas” list select the schema, which has been restored and click the “Restore” button.

  2. In the “Restores“ list click the button “Restore objects in issues“ under Actions:

  1. In the popup you will see the list of the custom fields, where the original schema was used:

  1. Before restoring objects in issue fields, go to the Field configuration by clicking the “Open configuration“ button.

  2. Edit “Assets object/s field configuration” and enter a newly created schema instead of the original one:

  3. When a new schema is selected, go back to Insight Assets Backup and Migration App and click the “Restore” button:

To restore the objects selected in the issues, the user account, by which the plugin is configured, should have “Edit Issue” permission!

The restore will restore the objects in the issues, which were selected at the moment of the backup!

If you want to restore on another instance or from DC/Server, you can do it as well!

Before starting the process, the following prerequisites should be fulfilled:

Here you can see the complete documentation for the feature.

Insight Assets Backup & Migration has the ability to migrate and restore object schema from the data center or server instance to the destination cloud instance, as well as from one cloud to another. For more details, view the article How can Assets be migrated from Jira Data Center to Cloud or from one Cloud to another instance?

If you have more questions or suggestions feel free to contact Twinit support.



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