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Is there a way to export JPD Overview text?

econverse February 19, 2024

My team is looking to export the content captured (via a Description Template) in the "Overview" tab of an idea. This way, we could line up the problem statements, validation steps, etc. for each idea side-by-side in Excel and share with stakeholders/leadership. 

Note: I know that multi-line/ paragraph fields do not exist, which would have solved this issue by creating each of the segments as fields, capturing in a view, and exporting. Unfortunately, the overview content would be too long to accommodate this strategy: (

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Andy Lutz February 20, 2024

Hi @econverse as far as I know there isn't currently a way to export the "Description" field via the JPD interface itself (I've asked about this before as well).

There's two options I'm aware of however to do an export of this:

  1. Jira Issue Search/Filter: 
    • Within Jira you can use the Advanced Issue Search to filter for specific JPD projects, and pull in the Description field (along with other relevant fields). I typically use JQL to do this, and then save the searches as Filters so I can come back to them.
    • For the Issue Search page, there's an "Export" button in the upper right hand corner you can then use to export the results in a variety of formats.
  2. Jira Cloud for Google Sheets Add-On:
    • You can also use Jira's Google Sheets Add-On to pull in issues from a project (including JPD projects), and select the fields you want to import to your sheet (including Description).
    • This takes a bit more effort to set up, and the other thing is that the Description field uses Markdown formatting when exported, so the formatting in the spreadsheet can look a bit wonky depending on how much formatting you use in JPD.

Feel free to let me know if you have questions about either option!

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