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Could we set the Jira Software field "Parent" as a Global Field?

Leo LI March 31, 2024

Hi team,

I'm exploring the option of configuring the Jira Software field "Parent" as a Global Field. Is this possible? 

Meanwhile, we're investigating the feasibility of allowing Jira Product Discovery "Idea" tickets to serve as parents for any issue type, enabling the creation of a visualized issue hierarchy in the Advanced Roadmap Plan. We’d also like to display JPD discovery tickets alongside Jira delivery tickets in Jira Plan / Advanced Roadmaps (at the same parent hierarchy level). Not sure if you guys have any better idea to do so.

Thank you!



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Fabrizio Galletti _Getconnected_ April 1, 2024

Hi Leo, very interesting idea, can you try to explain your use case that you want to achieve?

Leo LI April 1, 2024

Hi @Fabrizio Galletti _Getconnected_ , Thanks for your reply. The case that I want to try like the below pictures.

Idea Level.jpegDelivery Process View.jpegExample of Advanced Roadmap View.jpeg

Andrea Egert April 2, 2024

Thanks Fabrizio and Leo, some of the use cases are outlined here

We need to stack rank discovery (JPD) and delivery (Jira Software) tickets as initiatives (both at the parent level) in Jira Plan / Advanced Roadmaps...and we were hoping that the new Global Fields option would help us do that. 

Stephen_Lugton April 2, 2024

For the concept of using JPD Idea tickets as parents for any issue type, it doesn't quite work like that.

Advanced Roadmap Plans uses an issue hierarchy that can be defined to add additional levels or issue types to each level.  However JPD Idea is not one of the issue types that you can assign to the hierarchy.

The way we cope with this is to treat the delivery (or discovery) epics as equivalent to the JPD idea, so we can track the idea status in Plans simply by tracking the epic linked as the delivery epic to the JPD idea.  This works for both Discovery and Delivery by simply adding a suffix '(Discovery)' to Discovery epics.

To help with this we've created additional Hierarchy levels 'Theme' and 'Initiative' which can be used to group Epics (and hence JPD ideas).

For example, if we're looking at adding historic metrics to our executive dashboard that currently only shows 'on the day' metrics we would have an initiative 'Add historic metrics'.  The ideas associated with this Initiative could be 'add Unit Fund Price historic metric' and 'add Number of Units held' so we'd create a Discovery epic for each of these e.g. 'Add Unit Fund Price historic metric (Discovery)', and then when we came to delivery we'd add the related Epic e.g. 'Add Unit Fund Price historic metric'.

This would give us a hierarchy something like:

Add historic metrics to our executive dashboard - Initiative
-> Add Unit Fund Price historic metric (Discovery) - Discovery Epic for JPD idea 1
---> Discovery issues
-> Add Unit Fund Price historic metric - Epic implementing JPD idea 1
---> Delivery issues
-> Add Number of Units held (Discovery) - Discovery Epic for JPD idea 2
---> Discovery issues
-> Add Number of Units held - Epic implementing JPD idea 2
---> Delivery issues

Using this Hierarchy also allow us to treat the Initiatives as Atlas Goals and associate the JPD Ideas to the relevant Atlas Goals, and use the JPD timelines view to show high level timelines for those Goals (as opposed to the lower level delivery timelines in Advanced Plans)

Leo LI April 2, 2024

Thank you @Stephen_Lugton 

This is a constructive idea that I could have a try. I'll try to mock up somewhat view to see if this fit our demand. But I'm also wondering if we could use the JPD Feature "Global Field" to do that.

Rohan Swami
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
April 2, 2024

Hi @Leo LI our planned approach for the JPD/Plans integration is for idea to be like a field for Jira issues, allowing you to group by idea in the view to visualise the hierarchy of work. We don't plan on making JPD ideas a level in the Plans issue hierarchy because an issue from any level can link to an idea.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 10.31.00 AM.png

As an alternative, you can create a 1:1 relationship between ideas and Jira issues (eg. 1 Theme or Initiative for every idea) and that way you can see that hierarchy in the Plan.

Would these solutions address your needs @Leo LI ?

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Leo LI April 2, 2024

Hi @Rohan Swami , thank you for response!

This new approach looks great for us to group issues, which would resolve most of our requests, and your proposal alternative is good too. Looking forward to use it soon!

May I ask what's the timeline that your team would to roll out this feature?

Rohan Swami
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
April 2, 2024

Hi @Leo LI I can't offer any timeframes at the moment, we'll be sure to announce when we're close to release and if there are any Early Access Program opportunities.

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