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Product Licensing when using Access

brian_flanagan March 12, 2024

I am struggling to understand how JPD works when you have Atlassian Access.


Today I have 300 Seats of Jira SW and Access. We started a trial becauase we were interested in using the "free" contributor roles to allow our fields teams to interact with PM and PO's but it seems that if you have Access for the SSO security side of things, you then lose the "free" seats and any internal users you add chew up a Access Seat.  I am able to add external users for free but anyone internal increments my Access count.


Am I over looking something? My partner says thts just how it is and to buy more expensive access seats....

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Dirk Ronsmans
Community Leader
Community Leader
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March 12, 2024

Hi @brian_flanagan ,

according to the user should not be considered billable if they only have access to JPD.



Those users that you add are they maybe being added to a default access group that have JSW or JSM? Can you verify one of the users that should just be JPD if they have any other access granted (by default/accident)?

Tom Haapanen March 12, 2024

The key is to set up a second (non-billable) authentication policy, where the users authenticate only against Atlassian and not against your corporate directory (so no SSO). Those users won't need an Access licence, nor a JPD licence (assuming they are set up as contributors).

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Hermance NDounga
Atlassian Team
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March 14, 2024

Hi Brian, 

As Dirk, Tom and Maria mentioned, if your internal users are consuming a license in Access, then it means they are provided with some product access, maybe by default in your site access settings. 

If you cannot find any product access associated to these users, please open a support ticket for Atlassian Access, it is something the team would need to investigate. 

Simon Huprich April 11, 2024

Hi Hermance, 

one question regarding this issue: 

Is this correct?

  • In JPD Premium the members of the Contributor group can be managed by Atlassian Access (SSO, etc.), but they don't need an Atlassian Access license because they are just Contributors and they don't have product access (like JWM, JSM, JSW, CONF, etc.)


Simon Huprich April 14, 2024

Hi @Hermance NDounga 

Thank you for your answer. 

My question also would be if I can enforce SSO to these Contributors (without an Access Licence and without product access).

Because in my case I have about 5000 users with product access (Jira, Confluence) and Access licenses. But also another 5000 users with no license at all, but with the same claimed domain. All the 10.000 users should be able to act as 

Can I manage all of them via SSO?


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María Ferreño March 13, 2024

we also use Atlassian Access and JPD. We have a lot of contributors who are internal staff, but they don't have access to any products. If a user does not have access to a product, they are not considered a billable user in Atlassian Access.
Maybe those users who are now contributors do have access to other products and that's why you are billing them :S

Simon Huprich April 11, 2024

Hi Maria, 
Which JPD Product are you using (Enterprise or Premium)?
Are you enforcing SSO?

María Ferreño April 15, 2024

Hi @Simon Huprich , 

we use JPD Premium. 

We do not enfoce SSO ;)




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