JPD for Strategic Scenarios

Paolo Pastorino February 12, 2024

Hi all,

I am trying to see if I can use JPD for simulating strategic scenarios and have them voted or prioritized.

I would need to build something similar to what Advanced Roadmaps can build by using the scenario feature.

In my specific case I would like to represent how certain timelines can change (and related teams size, capacity etc) if a certain idea/task is removed from the scenario (composed of multiple ideas)

Do you think it is feasible, or is it more a job for Atlas?


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Ivan Ferreira February 12, 2024

Hello @Paolo Pastorino

I think that Advanced Roadmaps is the right tool for these kind of planning, but maybe you can do something like this in JPD.

Create new date type custom fields. In this example, I created these fields:

  • Optimistic Start Date
  • Optimistic End Date
  • Pessimistic Start Date
  • Pessimistic End Date

I Also created a new list type custom field called Scenario.


I can then create views groupping by Scenario. You will have to change the Scenario field to play with your views.


You can also create timeline view using the respective start and end date.


I hope this helps!


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