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Is it possible to give access to only specific people to change status at a specific stage ?

Charu Takkar January 10, 2023

Currently we have 5 Roles  in our project- Administrator, Domain/Digital SMEs, Idea Creator, Idea Creator Country and CT , Viewer

1) Administrator (Jira Created Role)- People in this role can do almost all things( Administer Project, work on ideas etc)

2) Domain/Digital SMEs-Access to create and edit ideas, collaborate across all ideas, assign, change statuses.
Unable to create, delete, modify or rename on anyone's views.

3) Idea Creator-Create ideas, comment on ideas, modify ideas, view navigation.
Cannot update status, delete, rename or modify filtering or views. Cannot modify other people's ideas.

4) Viewer(Jira Created Role)-Viewer can search through project, comment .

5) Idea Creator Country and CT-Copy of Member role (Jira Created Role)  they can add, edit ,comment but  cannot transition an issue from one status to another


We want to give access to only specific people to change status at a specific stage .

For ex- We want only 2 specific users having access to move issues from status 5 to status 6 and no one else.

So it brings up the question: Is it possible to create permissions status wise?

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Stephen Wright _Elabor8_
Community Leader
Community Leader
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January 11, 2023

Hi @Charu Takkar 

The answer is sort of. You can limit Status transitions in Product Discovery based on permissions, using Workflow Rules.

To access these, as a Project Admin:

  • Go to Project Settings > Workflow
  • Select a Workflow Transition - eg. one of the "Any Status" options
  • In the right-hand menu, press the "+" button (Add Rule)

Choose the rule "Validate that people have a specific permission"

You can then use this to limit who has access to each transition, based on what permissions they have access to through their roles.

This isn't exactly what you need, but it's what is available within the Workflow itself at this point


There are additional Workflow Rules in standard Team-managed Projects, including the rule you need - Restriction who can move an issue

If you think this needs to be added, provide this feedback to Atlassian through the Product Discovery Group on this Community!


There is a workaround though, which you could also consider - using Automation.

You could create a set of rules that check who transitioned an issue - and if it's not the appropriate user, reverses the transition.

For example...

  • Trigger: Issue Transitioned
    • To Status = <Status Here>
  • Condition: User Condition
    • User = User who triggered the event
    • Check to perform = is not
    • Criteria = <User 1>, <User 2>
  • Action: Create Variable
    • Variable Name = PreviousStatus
    • Smart Value = {{#changelog.status}}{{from}}{{/}}
  • Action: Re-fetch Issue Data
  • Action: Transition Issue
    • Destination Status = {{PreviousStatus}}
  • Action: Comment on Issue
    • Comment Body:
      • Hi [~accountid:{{initiator}}]

        You are not allowed to make this transition, so the Issue has been transitioned back to the previous Status.

        Please contact <Users> to move this idea to <Status Here>



A few notes on this rule...

  • The Create Variable action creates a custom smart value, which captures the Status the Issue was transitioned from
  • The Re-fetch Issue Data can help to slow down a rule's execution - and ensure that the variable action is completed first (as it's needed for the rest of the rule)
  • The Transition Issue action then uses the smart value - you can choose a Status manually if you prefer, but this setup effectively "reverses" the transition dynamically
  • The Comment on Issue action ensures a user is aware of why the transition reversed, and doesn't think it's a bug/error. The square brackets around the smart value @mention the user, so they are notified.


Let us know what you think!


Charu Takkar January 15, 2023
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Charu Takkar February 6, 2023

Hi @Stephen Wright _Elabor8_ , I tried to limit Status transitions in Product Discovery based on permissions, using Workflow Rules. I choose the permission " Administer project" so only Admin can update status but it failed. 

PFA screenshots for reference.

Any idea what could be the reason ? 


MicrosoftTeams-image (7).pngMicrosoftTeams-image (8).png

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Jimi Wikman
Rising Star
Rising Star
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January 11, 2023

You could create a group for those 2 and then use the "user is in group" condition?

Charu Takkar January 15, 2023

Thanks @Jimi Wikman 
 I think this can work . Let me try and see. 

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