How does JPD support continuous product discovery?

Troy Eberlein July 1, 2022

I just discovered JPD today, so forgive me if this is a noob question. 

It strikes me that JPD is very idea-centric, instead of outcome / goal / problem - centric.  I would like to see strong support for modern product discovery methodologies like those found in SVPG's Inspired or Product Talk's Continuous Discovery Habits. 

I think most companies have a deluge of ideas, often lacking strong linkage to a problem that is clearly worth solving.  I want to get out of the feature factory mentality, and looking for tools that support this instead of adding fuel to the ideas bonfire :-)  

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Tanguy Crusson
Atlassian Team
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July 4, 2022

Hi all, the opportunity/solution tree is a great framework. There are a few teams using it in Jira Product Discovery already. Here's a section from the FAQ about how to do that: 

Can we create different issue types and their relationships? (e.g. parent/child or opportunity/solution)

Not yet, but it's on the roadmap. In the meantime you can use the flexible fields and views system to do this. Here is an example:

Demo: grouping solutions by opportunities. And here's a recording for how to reproduce this configuration


More generally we had to pick one noun for the basic object in the app, and were trying to find one that could encapsulate many aspects: problem, opportunity, solution, idea, experiment, feature, etc. We settled on "idea" and we know it's not perfect. What we've built this app for is to help you collaborate on what can best help you achieve your goals, with your teams and stakeholders, taking into account all the data you've got.

Troy Eberlein July 7, 2022

Thx for the reply.  I had watched that video, and seemed like quite a bit of manual setup.  Re: noun, I think that highlights the core issue - an idea is fundamentally different than a problem / oppty / outcome.  IMO there would be significant value in JPD natively supporting these different concepts.  Thx!

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Robert Ogilvy July 8, 2022

This is why I am here. I am glad different issue types and their relationships in on the roadmap. Hoping it is in your Now category with a rocket ship next to it. :)

I will take a look at your demo in the meantime.

David Nadri August 16, 2023

@Tanguy Crusson - RE different issue types/ parent-child relationships in JPD:

In our JPD project, if we create ideas and set their custom Type and Opportunity fields and then create Opportunity/Solution views now, later when there's a native way to create different issue types and their parent/child relationships, will there be a easy/clean way to convert them properly? 

Annie Ioceva July 1, 2022

100% agree.

We use Miro to capture opportunities trees. 

Ben Arundel November 15, 2022

+1 for Miro 

Mike Hughes August 17, 2023

Yes need some sort of hierarchy/dependency management. Opportunity/Solution is great, but is only a single parent many children?

Keen to be able to sequence opportunities, where one is dependant on one or more others. This can then be reflected during Prioritisation and be present on the Roadmap as well.

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David Nadri September 19, 2023

Hey @Tanguy Crusson @Rohan Swami @Hermance NDounga ! 

RE: [P2-130] Issue types, hierarchies and relationships between ideas

Any updates you could share with the community on this item on your JPD Roadmap? Is it ~1 month away, ~3 months away, etc? Any insights, prototypes, or designs you can share on its progress would be greatly appreciated.

We are desperately waiting on this capability to allow us to organize ideas using issue types/hierarchies according to our model. We've tried the alternatives using the flexible fields/views approach, but it's not trivial or sufficient for our needs. 

The opportunity solution tree (OST) framework by Teresa Torres is very popular and helps visualize the biggest opportunities and align them to our goals. It's really just a decision tree that helps you make sense of this messy world of product discovery (assessing which opportunity to go after vs every feature/idea that comes in), and helps with strategic alignment. Also, the ability to create an 'Opportunity Solution Tree' (OST) view would be very helpful. 

Thank you!

David Nadri January 25, 2024

@Tanguy Crusson @Rohan Swami @Hermance NDounga - any updates whatsoever that you guys can share on support for Issue types, hierarchies and relationships in JPD? 

It's arguably one of the biggest limitations of JPD. It's been raised by many community members across multiple posts and comments in the group and we've been told it's on the roadmap for years, so I'm hoping it's finally here or close. It will significantly improve JPD's capabilities & use-cases!

We appreciate as much info you could share on this - the community is patiently waiting!

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David Nadri August 21, 2023

@Troy Eberlein - checking in here ~a year later: any updates you can share on how you're using JPD in your continous product discovery workflow? Particularly, how are you using JPD to support more of an opportunity solution tree framework?

Have you found a clever way to track opportunities and solutions in JPD or are you using the manual approach mentioned in this article?

Troy Eberlein August 22, 2023

@David Nadri We aren't using JPD yet

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Björn Brynjar Jónsson July 1, 2022

Thanks for sharing, because I just learned Teresa Torres book, Continuous Discovery Habits, on the topic is now available 🎉

I had seen Teresa Product talk few years back and connected with the problem.

I now have a book to read over the weekend 🤓🙌

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