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Pro-tip: create a one-pager for every idea (using Jira Product Discovery and Confluence)

Hi everyone, 

We often get the question "how do I best link my ideas to Jira Product Discovery to documents in Confluence (specs, one-pagers, designs)?"

A little known feature of Jira Product Discovery is "hyperlink fields" - which help you do something like this:

Screenshot 2022-10-11 at 12.45.44.png

Here's how that works:



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Matthew Allen October 11, 2022

Thanks for this insight, but I do have a question to the community here or Jira themselves...


I use confluence for producing a PRD for more significant EPIC sized items with multiple user stories, I need to replicate this into separate tickets in Jira, how can I do this from the JPD without any back and forth to confluence?  That process needs to be super seamless, as each user story needs its own Jira ticket so the Dev's can create their individual tasks and change the status as necessary.

Jan-Hendrik Spieth October 12, 2022

Hyperlink fields look useful!

We're experimenting there with a field for spec documents as part of a view for managing design work. Most of these we host on sharepoint. The sharepoint files render as {filename.ext}, which is not always perfect, but fairly ok (if a good name was chosen).

Should be fairly easy to see in the end which specs are still missing. Let's see whether the specs are accessible/easy to find for the development teams, from their linked delivery issues ...

Screenshot 2022-10-12 103440.png


But also thanks a lot for pointing us to description templates, @Tanguy Crusson ! Might sound strange, but so far, we basically ignored this/didn't realize what it was. Has it only recently been added? :-D We'll be sure to try this out!

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