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Introduce yourselves, admins!

Bridget Community Manager Feb 04, 2021

Hello Admins! 

Welcome to the Jira Cloud Admin Group. This Group is a place where you can access extra resources from the Atlassian team, ask questions, and rub elbows with fellow admins. 

So, introductions are in order! 

In the comments below, you might share things like:

  • Where you live/work
  • What are some things you enjoy doing outside of work
  • What are the best things about being an admin
  • What are some challenges you face as an admin
  • What you're hoping to learn by joining this group
  • Pics of your pets (always welcome 😂)


John Funk Community Leader Feb 08, 2021

Hello Everyone!

My name is John Funk and I live in Nashville, Tennessee USA

I enjoy spending time with family outside of work, including playing cards and board games. I also enjoy reading and watching sports on TV. 

For me, one of the best things about being an Admin is that I can make the changes that help so many people in our organization. It allows me to use my process thinking skills and see progress with the number of issues getting completed.

Some of the challenges are the backlog of open items in the JAC that could have a HUGE impact on the work I do each day and the accomplishments my teams could make.

I am hoping to learn from others as they have the experience of doing things already that I am trying to do. Along with that, I hope to be able to convey my experience to others and save them some of the pain I have experienced. :-)

No pets currently - we are enjoying being empty nesters for a while without the responsibilities!

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Bridget Community Manager Feb 08, 2021

Hey @John Funk nice to see you in here. 

Wow - I love that admin perspective. It IS cool to see all of your hard work actually being utilized and appreciated on a day to day basis! Like the software itself, your work is helping to move important work forward. 

Thanks for sharing and definitely enjoy the empty nest while you can! Huge props for getting through the pandemic without resorting to a pandemic pet 😆. 

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Welcome @John Funk look forward to learn from you and see your work!

John Funk Community Leader Apr 23, 2021

Hi @Simone Lavagna  - Same here!

Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Feb 08, 2021

Greetings Fellow Admins!

My name is Jimmy, I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada (about an hour outside of Toronto).

Outside of work playing Videogames is one of my favorite past times.  During the pandemic I've also taken to getting involved in Extra Life which encourages gamers to fundraise for local hospitals.  I think it's a great cause and I love being able to take something I love doing and use it for a good cause!

I love being an Admin and I need to echo what @John Funk said.  Being able to help our users solve their problems brings me a ton of joy and satisfaction in what I do.  From helping consult and implement the right workflow for the process a team is looking to follow, or just helping a user with the right JQL parameters to get their search filter returning the data they are looking for.

I've only been a Jira Cloud Admin for a couple of years.  I was a Server admin for many years before that.  Having to rely on Support for additional logging information is something I'm getting used to doing but I feel badly about wasting Support's time just to get me the detailed reason a validator, post function or automation rule failed.

I don't know that I'm looking to learn anything specific from coming here, but I am looking to hear others perspectives and experiences so that it might guide me in being a better admin myself.

I'll never turn down an opportunity to share pictures:


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Bridget Community Manager Feb 08, 2021

Hi Jimmy! I might need your help with JQL sometime soon... 😂 

I  am hoping you can connect with some fellow admins in this group to hear a diverse set of experiences and perspectives that might make your job a little bit easier too! 

Love this picture :) Lots going on here - is that a pop up play house or a house to protect veggies? 

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Feb 08, 2021

I'm here for JQL help whenever you need it!  Yes that is a veggie house.  Since frost can be a problem where we are up until close to June, this lets us get a head start on growing things.

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Bridget Community Manager Feb 09, 2021

That's awesome @Jimmy Seddon - I am soon moving to the Seattle area, so I will need some cold weather veggie tips as well. 

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My name is Dave, and I'm a Jira admin.

I live in NYC and help teams (both on and off Atlassian Community) with Jira and Confluence. Outside of work? I love reading and writing (things I don't do enough).

The best things about being an admin? Helping enable success for folks in a scalable way.

A big challenge is educating others about appropriate governance, but once you take the time to educate clients (and update your knowledgebase(s)), is that these folks can also share these best practices with others. 

I'm here to support the growth of other admins - and network, I guess? Anyway, the best way to learn is to teach others!

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Hello everyone!

I'm Jack and you can see my profile here. I live in Sanford NC (small town south of the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area). I work for Fortress Solution with HQ in Plano Tx. I run the R&D and IT groups. I was previously in Austin for about 18yrs but recently moved back east.

Outside of work I have many past-times. I love woodworking and generally building things with my hands. I like using my creative nature to reengineer/improve things around the house and in the yard. I stay busy and can't stay still; drives my wife crazy. I also love fishing and introduced kayak fishing last year. Mostly this is at the coast as I have a cottage in North Myrtle Beach that I spend a fair amount of time at. I also love the mountains and used to do a great deal of backpacking in NC/TN/VA areas but have opted for day hikes these days w/ a cozy bed at night. :-)

I love animals and have always had dogs and cats. I have had all sorts of dogs from large Chesapeake Retrievers, Chocolate Labs, Sooners all the way down to my current love for Carin Terriers (aka Toto in WOZ). Here are my current girls...

IMG_0099 (1).jpeg


I have been a Jira admin (part time but seems like full time) for about 6 years now, server first but now cloud. I enjoy standing up projects and automation that helps teams be more productive. I'm all about trying to find efficient solutions. I also like helping others in the Community and I learn a lot as well in doing so. While I do enjoy doing the admin stuff I need to pass the baton as I have other important responsibilities and TBH, I think getting a fresh mind taking over will end up delivering a better solution for my company. There is plenty of mistakes and cobwebs I have left in my wake. ;-) Still I will stay involved as I enjoy it and I think I have something to add.

I joined this group to stay engaged w/ like-minded folks but more importantly to learn from others here. I do think that this group will need to ensure we don't isolate from the larger Community and ensure we are sharing all of the goodness that happens here. This can be done by ensuring we are careful of using this group to answer questions that should be in the Community and also hopefully we can drive articles for the Community.

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Dave Liao Community Leader Feb 12, 2021

Oh wow, I was in Austin too! We probably overlapped, fun times. 🌵

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Dave Liao Community Leader Feb 12, 2021

@Jack Brickey p.s. that's the cutest cat!

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Bridget Community Manager Feb 16, 2021

@Jack Brickey , as always, you are winning with the pet photos in my book!! :) 

Re: I do think that this group will need to ensure we don't isolate from the larger Community and ensure we are sharing all of the goodness that happens here

I definitely agree! The purpose of this group is to give admins more support so that they can in turn help our their users. You are a great example of an admin and a Leader who already does this so well! 

Lucky to have you in the group :) 

Hello everyone !!!

    My name is Vero Rivas and I live in Zaragoza, Spain

    I enjoy being with my family, my friends and going out for walks whenever I can, now with the pandemic this is not possible.

    For me, the best thing about being an administrator is that I can help users to understand, configure and use the atlassian tool in the best possible way, to improve their processes to obtain all the potential that it can provide.

    Some of my challenges is sometimes executing all the changes that clients request

    I hope to continue learning in this wonderful community and to contribute everything I can so that we can all create a great synergy.

    At this moment, we do not have pets, the death of our last friend, has made us decide to wait a little before having another

    Happy weekend to all !!! 👍

Cheers 😘

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Bridget Community Manager Feb 16, 2021

Hi @Vero Rivas ! Hope you had a great weekend :). I think that executing on all of the requests of your users sounds super stressful - I'd love to hear your tips for prioritizing those requests and staying on top of things! 

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Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader Feb 14, 2021

Hey Everyone,

Happy to join this new group!

My name is Dirk Ronsmans and I'm from Belgium. I'm currently hunting for a place to build a house so lets hope that works out soon :)

I'm working as an ITSM Consultant so I tend to deal mostly with the JSD/JSM side of things. As a consultant I do use both Cloud and Server/DC but I'm hoping Cloud picks up a bit more.

When I'm not working (those scarce few hours) I like to run/cycle and also cook. Besides that I got a son who just turned a year and half so that keeps me pretty busy!

As an admin (and a consultant) I love giving shape to abstract ideas that people have, most of the time they come with something that annoys them or is a tiresome task so having the ability to provide them with a solution and seeing them use it is one of my great pleasures.

Unfortunately that also comes with questions such as "why is this not like that" or "I want this now and different" but not understanding that we are configuring things and not developing fully custom software.  ("yeah but in my old tool/company we could do x or y" ring any bells?)

Now as to what I'm hoping to learn here are just some tricks/tips and best practices on how to handle everything Atlassian. I'm trying to learn more and more about the differences between Cloud and On Premise just to make sure I'm not talking about things that just don't work/don't exist.

Never to old to learn and hopefully also provide some knowledge !

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Bridget Community Manager Feb 16, 2021

Hey @Dirk Ronsmans ! 

Nice to see you in there. My fiancé's parents live in Belgium (Overijse) and love the cycling culture there! Sounds like you are pretty busy with hobbies and a 1 and a half year old 😂

Thanks for sharing your admin perspective - hopefully we can provide you with some value in the Group! 

Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader Feb 16, 2021

Oh that’s close by! Currently living in Haasrode near Leuven :)

Yeah kids , some days you’d start putting up wallpaper just to tape them behind it!

Ivan Lima Community Leader Feb 28, 2021

Hi everyone.

My name is Ivan, and I live in Toronto, Canada. I work at iTMethods Inc, helping organizations to manage and scale their Atlassian stack. When I'm not working or not thinking about it, I'm usually playing guitar, planning my next trip or enjoying my life outside with my wife.

The best thing about being an admin is taking care of something that takes care of others. Great design, organization and scalable foundation can save lives. Challenges? To me, it's to keep things simple. With so many great features, apps, automation, etc., it's easy to jump to the solution piece rather than exercise what's behind the ask/need.

As my primary experience is around Server/DC, I'm interested in knowing the challenges others experience in the Cloud administration world. Also, as always, I'll be more than happy to share a bit of knowledge too ;)

By the way, for those who don't know yet, this is Maggie, my little cuteness.


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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Mar 01, 2021

Love the picture @Ivan Lima!

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Bridget Community Manager Mar 03, 2021

Hello @Ivan Lima (and Maggie)! 

Really interesting answer. I hadn't thought of simplicity as a goal of an admin, but that makes complete sense. Please share info about your journey from Server/DC to cloud! 

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Hi everyone,

My name is Carmen Nadeau, I live in Quebec city, Quebec, Canada.

I read a lot, that is my only constant since I was 12 years old. I used to run but injured my knee one too many time. I am trying to find an activity that will let me get ride of stress. I tried walking, rowing, cycling. Not sure what I will keep doing.

I was a JIRA Software, Core and Confluence admin for 12 years, all on the server side. I change carreer path 2 years ago and I am now an ITSM architect.  I am looking into the Cloud version of JSM and find it interesting.  Having seen JIRA grow up and becoming and adult was fun. If JSM end up being our new tool, I will raise a new one and try to learn from my past mistakes. 

I hope to learn from you guys and share with you my past experiences if needed... or wanted ;)

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Good Day All, 

My name is Scott O'Neil and I live and work in Kingston Ontario, Canada (eh!) I work for one of Canadas largest Insurance and Investment companies.  

I am an avid F1 fan and play....ready....darts...stop it I like it!

Best thing of being an admin is the amount of security request forms drastically become reduced for access!

Challenges we face are aligning the Business Units goals with product features.  My team is relatively new to the Atlassian platform (last 7yrs on ServiceNow) but no strangers to ITSM in general.  

I am hoping to see what others do and learn from that, normally a board lurker but jumping out of comfy space to play in new playground. 


This is Sadie...careful, she is vicious...


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Hi Scott, cute dog :)

I saw that your cie went from ServiceNow to JSM. If you are willing I would like to ask you questions on the why and how you find working with JSM. I am looking into JSM and I need testimonies for my boss on the who, why etc.

I don't know why but I can't seem to be able to write to you directly (probably for security raesons). So let me know, yes or no it is ok

Thanks Carmen :) certainly, feel free to reach me at no worries at all!

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Dave Liao Community Leader Mar 23, 2021

Love that the last three intros are from Canada - that's a hat trick! Okay, maybe not strictly speaking, but close enough for me to make a hockey connection. 😅

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Hello from Pangasinan, Philippines! :)


  • Where you live/work
    • I was originally from Manila and we fled the capital before the lockdowns were enacted last year. Currently a happy resident in Pangasinan, Philippines :)
    • I work for an Australian Messaging platform company with customers based all over the globe.
  • What are some things you enjoy doing outside of work
    • I used to be a competitive gamer for fighting games such as Street Fighter. Now I just sit back and play "chill games" like Skyrim. I still play fighting games tho not as "competitive" as before.
  • What are the best things about being an admin
    • I get to work with people and when the chance arises, I get to put on my Agile/Jira nerd hat on and blabber on and on :)
  • What are some challenges you face as an admin
    • I have butterflies in my stoomach when I unintentionally break stuff in jira and I scramble to fix it before (too many) people notice
  • What you're hoping to learn by joining this group
    • Best practices and workarounds (for current unresolved issues) are always appreciated :)
  • Pics of your pets (always welcome 😂)
    • Would love to share but since I don't know how many of you have ophidiophobia, let's just say I have a pet python and a pet boa :)
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I am based in UK west country.

I like a bit of fresh air and barbeques in the summer.

I am a default admin having inherited a rather neglected cloud instance.

Being the admin forces me to review our processes.

Challenges are managing the balance between overburdening users, yet, creating an environment that supports agile software and support delivery.

I may have the odd question.

I have 2 cats that I serve - no pic as the last upload hung my browser.

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Dave Liao Community Leader Apr 07, 2021

"2 cats that I serve"

I've worn that hat many times. 😹

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Hi Team!

Wow, so many Canadians in this feed. You should have a post Corona meet up!!

Well let me bring an Aussie living in Germany to the table. My name is Candice and I am based in Germany, but I grew up in Australia. I was a Jira admin in Australia and as fate has decided, I am now also a Jira Cloud admin for the company I work for in Germany. 

I have many hats; I am a Project Manager, I do employee relations and HR but I also take care of the Jira and O365 admin for our company. We are a relatively small start up so its all hands on deck. Our company is called Zamann Pharma Support and its the best place i have ever worked!

Outside of work I am a creative and I delve into music production, poetry and songwriting but I also love the outdoors so gardening and bike rides get a big tick. 

My goal as a Jira admin is to give my teams the tools that make their lives easier and more agile. There is a mix of Software Development and Corporate Project Management that changes the needs of our teams. Oversight, transparency and documentation for the industry I work within (life science) and it can be a challenge to balance our compliance requirements such as data security with the flexibility that our teams need. 

I think this group is great so that we can bounce ideas of each other to resolve challenges we are face within and also see where others have utilised spaces or parts of Jira that I havent delved into yet. 

Shanks :) 

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Curt Holley Community Leader Apr 21, 2021

Hi folks

I’m loving this group and have used it to cut my community leader teeth by posting a discussion and article here, which has been great to read about how other Cloud admins approach….things.

So, I’m all the way down under in Wellington, New Zealand and am originally from Australia. Working as the Atlassian Coach for the Governments Accident Compensation Commission, where I educate and administrate all things Jira and Confluence (cloud).

Outside of work, music is my main obsession. Played in bands in the 80s, DJ’d since the 90s and still love messing with and manipulating funky music. I also have developed some sound DIY skills in recent years and have built outdoor furniture, a shed and restored various pieces to former glory. All very rewarding stuff!!

As is being an admin of Jira/Confluence. I’ve been using these tools and been a project/space admin for years and years but have only been a full-blown site admin for just under 2 years. Love the learning curve, love helping others upskill and/or solve their problems and the ever evolving journey Atlassian cloud products offer. Favourite subjects these days “Automation for Jira” and “Advanced Roadmaps”, so you can expect me to post more on those in the future 😊

Balancing people’s expectations and autonomy against continuity and scalability of Jira (and to a lesser extent Confluence) can be challenging. As can the varying levels of understanding/knowledge of the user base. Cloud Vs Server differences…..Oh!!! and of course my knowledge level as times as well 😉

Looking forward to learning and being inspired from (and hopefully being inspiring!!!) this group.

Below is Bad Jelly, sitting inside my shed!!


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John Funk Community Leader Apr 22, 2021

Bad Jelly - that's an awesome name!

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Hi all,

I'm Simone and I live in Edinburgh. I moved to this beautiful city back in 2010 from Italy, and I'm loving it.

I'm a keen DYI person, photographer, I love music, movies, books, astronomy, animals, my daughter, Marvel Comics and DC, anything tech-related is my jam, and always happy to learn new technologies.

I love cars and messing with them, so maybe one day I'll design my own car!

I'm happy to be part of this community and I'm sure I will learn a lot from you. Same way, if I can help, please don't hesitate to reach out to me any time!

Have a lovely day and weekend when it comes!



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Hello, from Atlanta, Georgia, USA!

I'm a software release manager with extra duties of being one of three Jira/Confluence admins for our company. 

We've been using Jira for several years, but just started using Advanced Roadmaps (Jira Cloud Premium) last year and our teams love it! Nice to finally have people happy to be using Jira. 

I am active in our local Atlassian Community group, and just recently started to become more active in Atlassian online communities.

Outside of work my hobby is training for and participating in triathlons.

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Hello, from Slovenia, Europe!

I'm a junior jira&confluence admin in a company with 100 employees. However I'm on a path to become senior admin quite quickly :). In the past 3 months I have migrated cloud trello&jira to jira&confluence server. Due to the fact that there is no option to install Insight on-prem, I have migrated everything back to jira&confluence cloud version.
Hobbies: chess & basketball.

One quick question:
We need to place custom field on a issue that supports hiearchy (data is structured in 4 levels, it contains app. 100 different values) and also enable users to quickly select correct value based on text input (like select 2). Custom field should also enable us to pick something from top levels (eg. from level 2 and not level 4). It would be very nice if we could search for issues based on top levels (eg. search 1.x would return issues with values 1.x.1.1, 1.x.2.1,1.x.2.2...) 
We need a custom field that would enable us to do this. I do not like cascading select because it demands a lot of input from developer. We have found a plugin that solves this on-prem:
Is there anything similar in the cloud?


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Bridget Community Manager May 12, 2021

Hi @Ziga Zvan ! Nice to meet you :). Perhaps post your question separately in the admin group? You might get a faster answer that way! 

Hi all,

I live and work in Toowoomba, a regional city of 100k people roughly.  I work within the Australian agriculture sector and have been using the Atlassian suite for ~5 or 6 years.

Outside of work its all about family, my kids come first.

As an admin the biggest challenge is time, it's only part of my role but there are so many differing demands and requirements from project to project, team to team that it always keeps me on my toes.

By joining this group I hope to gain knowledge and community.

Sorry, no pets currently

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I have been doing Jira and confluence admin for a while. Looking forward to learn from your experience.



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Alex Koxaras Community Leader Sep 19, 2021

Hello from Athens, Greece!

My name is Alex and for the last couple of days, I am official a Jira Admin! :D
I work at Cententia, the first Greek Atlassian partner since 2007. I've been to this company for about less than a year, and I managed to get 2 certifications: Managing Jira Projects and Jira Admin. My goal is to get two more and become an Atlassian Certified Expert.

When I'm not working I'll be with my family and most important my daughter. Hopefully in 2-3 years of time I'll be able to find the time again to compose music, which is a passion of mine.

Challenges I face as a Jira admin is that I don't have all the knowledge I need, and therefore I'm constantly reading and trying to be an active member of this community by answering to questions (I search for myself and learn).

The best thing about being a Jira Admin is that I hold the key to every little piece of functionality that Atlassian gives for Jira :D

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Hi all! My name is Rolando Bergmann, I work at Cornershop by Uber and I'm the Atlassian Products admin.

I kinda forced myself into this position, coming from a Platinum Partner (ServiceRocket), where I was a Software Support Eng, I was really used to working with Atlassian products, and I have been "spreading the word" since I joined Cornershop on May 2020.

I live close to Santiago de Chile (I'm Chilean). Played College and some league basketball, until I retired after several injuries. Because of COVID I moved to the country with my wife and dogs, loving the remote work life.

Looking forward to learning from more experienced Admins :)

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Deleted user Oct 19, 2021

Hi everyone!

I'm Rob Kerr, Irish (born in Dublin), and I'm based in Manchester in the UK as the Technical Director for Voodoo.  I'm a former developer turned BA/PO, and this is the first time I've been solely responsible for managing a Jira/Confluence instance as the SME.  I'm an Atlassian evangelist, fiercely resisting the haters when they claim to despise Jira. What do I love about being an Admin?  THE POWWWWERRRRR!!!!  :D. Joking aside, I love discovering new features and being able to leverage them to solve problems, sometimes even before they manifest.  The challenges I face are generally process challenges, and working out how to make the use of standard tools second nature -- a shift from previous working practice here.  I'm hoping to pick up tips on culture changes and digital transformation via discussions around tooling and configuration; understanding the organisational contexts that create problems and drive solutions.

Outside of work I'm a classical music singer, performer and composer, a martial artist of some 20 years training, and a fantasy and science fiction geek, as well as a comics geek and various other kinds of geek.  I have no pets (but I'd really like a dog!)

Looking forward to discovering how things work round these here parts!  (<---- my attempt to blend in!)

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I'm Wu Han, the friendly neighbourhood JIRA admin, and head of Product Sanitation Management at Mindvalley. My team and I are mostly based around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with everyone else working remotely across the globe.

I'm the agility hierophant involved in change management, process improvements, and the occasional therapy work to help teams work more collaboratively, and in flow. Outside of work, I occasionally practice parenting on my 4 kids, and ignore the 5 cats that mysteriously came with them. When the children are well-fed, and the wife is happy, I get to build and drive my RC cars, preferably in a tropical park nearby.

Best thing about being an admin for over 10 years—finally seeing a community like this to connect with other fellow admins to share and compare our collective wisdom on being a better admin. Feels like I'm finally growing up!

Some challenges I'm facing/hoping to learn:

  1. There's still no AI for product management
  2. Batch label management
  3. Are we ever going to resolve the sub-task vs related issues debate?
  4. Batch status management
  5. Definition of final.v6.done.done

I have no pets. I don't know whose cats are these.

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Hello Everyone, 

I am Shamir from Jakarta and Head of Engineering in Delegate PTE LTD. 
Currently what I am enjoying doing outside of work is planting, investment and researching very new technology. 

So I am become an admin for Jira for almost 3 years from the old sprint board to the new-gen of sprint board. What I learn best is the report is good. 

For now, what I want to learn, how to operate the Jira more efficiently in terms of team methodology and tools operations. So I will read all info in here and try to catch all the info. 

Thanks all 

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Hi y'all!

I'm Josué from Milan and Service Manager of reload, based in Milan.

I'm into new technologies (software, hardware, audio, etc...) and I love to spend time trying them.

I used Jira 7 years ago time to time, and, since I enter in reload, I use it almost everyday.

I love music, headphones, despite the fact that my left ear works not as good as the right one :D

I have 2 pugs, Carlitos and Monica, and a mixed-bread dog called Foxy.

I'd like to improve my knowing about Jira since I love integration with other software and would be great for my work to find more ways to improve the OPS with it.

Cheers from Milan!

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