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why does Strategic Room include unrelated objectives?

Alex Feldman March 26, 2024


I created strategic snapshot based on list of Program Increments and Yearly Goals.

  • Multiple VS/Solution/ART objectives are linked to Yearly goals
  • Portfolio Epics/Capabilities/ART Features are linked to corresponding Objectives

When i open Strategic room for newly created Strategic snapshot, the tool includes unrelated tickets (ex: portfolio epic, capabilities, etc.) that have no linkage to above yearly goals.

Why does Jira Align include other tickets?

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Steve Sauser
Atlassian Team
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March 26, 2024

@Alex Feldman Thank you for submitting your question to the community!  

Snapshot data is multi-dimensional (meaning different work is associated to a snapshot in different ways. 

Here is an article that goes really deep into the snapshots that will answer additional questions for you, but I also pulled the section from that article related to your question to here as well. 

Strategic Snapshots - What are they and how do they work? 

Refer specifically to "Work" below to understand how those work items are pulled into the snapshot.  

Snapshot Basics

Before attempting to leverage Strategic Snapshots it is important to understand how the data inside the snapshot is defined. Understanding how the base data is defined combined with how to leverage the Filtering Options and the widgets will give provide the basis to begin using the Strategy level in Jira Align.

  • The snapshot data pivots around Program Increments data (PIs represent the timebox and the “when” work is planned).

    • PIs are based in a Portfolio, but are pivoted around the Program and each Program is comprised of a set of Teams. This represents the “who” will complete the planned work.

    • Since snapshots are designed to encapsulate very broad reaching views pertinent PIs can be added regardless of the PIs roots of LOB/Portfolio/Program.

  • Work (Story → Feature → Capability → Epic → Theme) from each PI associated to the snapshot will be included in the strategy room.

  • Goals (Mission, Vision, Values, North Stars, Long Term Goals, Long Term Strategies, Strategic Goals) are directly associated to 1 - N snapshots and only those associated to the given snapshot will be included.

  • Objectives (Portfolio, Solution, Program, Team) from each PI associated to the snapshot will be included in the strategy room.

    • Note: Based upon the Objective Level each Objective can have either a 1-1 or 1-n association from the objective to PIs.

      • Example: Portfolio Objectives have a 1-N association while Program Objectives have a 1-1 association.


Alex Feldman March 27, 2024

Thank you Steve for the link.

In Strategic Room, i see features that doesn't include specified PI in the strategic snapshot and doesn't link to any goal via objectives or themes that tight objective that connected with the strategic snapshot. Am i missing something?

if understood correctly, snapshot aggregates all tickets that linked to specified goals and also all tickets that targets specified PIs even if they are not linked to specified goals. I'm unclear what is the intend? 

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