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JIRA Align Portfolio Epic Search

David Cook January 27, 2023

Hi everyone, 

My organization recently transitioned to JIRA Align, so I'm slowly learning how to best navigate the tool.  In doing so, I've noticed that the search feature and filters available seem to be quite limited.  My primary example revolves around the search feature in the Value Stream -> Portfolio Epic page. 

JIRA Align Search.PNG

The Search feature seems to only pick up on text within certain fields, and the "Apply Filters" options are limited (ie user can't filter based on all of the fields available in the epic).  In particular, I was trying to search for epics with a specific "Process Step" (which can be achieved by the "Apply Filters" option) and a specific "Target Completion Date" (which I can't figure out how to search for), see screen shot below.

Epic Search Criteria.PNG

Is there a way that this can be done?  I've tried referencing the community posts as well as help literature, but could not see to find anything that worked.  I thought I may be on to something when I came across the JQL search information for JIRA, but it does not look like JIRA Align search has this functionality.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.


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Kim Herren February 7, 2023


I was able to use the Portfolio Epic Backlog List view to filter based on the criteria you mentioned; it offers the Process Step in the filtering options and in "Columns Shown" I selected Target Completion date under the Portfolio Epic tab.

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 8.04.21 AM.png

Hopefully that helps...

David Cook February 7, 2023


Thanks for trying to help out.  I will have to talk with my tools team to see if there is something configured differently, but in my version I can add the column for "Target Completion Date", but the "Target Completion Date" does not show up in my dropdown options for the filter. 

Also, do you know if this actually pertains to the "Target Completion Date" related to the Process Step (as identified in my pic above) or if it is related to the "Target Completion Date" of the Portfolio Epic that is listed in the Details tab?

Finally, there appears to be limitations on the "Columns Shown" functionality.  It looks like JIRA Align only allows this functionality when the user is searching in one value stream.  I'm actually trying to search multiple value streams.

Thanks for the help.

Kim Herren February 7, 2023

You're correct David, I don't have the Target Completion date as an option for filtering either.  I had just included it as a Column Shown to see the target completion date for each epic when it was filtered by Process Step.  

And researching the Target Completion date further, it's the one listed on the Epic Details page, not the Time/Skills tab.  I'm not sure if the fields on the Time/Skills tab are exposed in reporting out of the box.  I looked at a few reports and didn't see any that included those fields.

Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.

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