Why haven't I done this before?

Howdy, H-Town Peeps! 

I'm a Principal Consultant at a Solutions Partner, but I've always learned the most from the Community.

Thanks for letting me join. I look forward to our conversations! Let me know what side of town you're on and maybe we can catch a beer! Thanks! -a 


Welcome! I'm in West Houston and but work in Greenway Plaza.

I'm west of 99 on the west side. We're practically neighbors! 

Hey there! I also work at Greenway Plaza and live out in Pearland.

Ooooh, there's some great BBQ joints out in Pearland. Yum! 

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LarryBrock Community Leader Jul 10, 2019

Hey @Veronica Kolstad and @Ben Garcia - any interest in grabbing lunch sometime there in the Greenway Plaza area?  Always fun to meet fellow Atlassian admins/enthusiasts and swap war stories, tips/tricks. etc.


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