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LarryBrock Community Leader Jan 28, 2019

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Happy Tuesday everyone!

Part of getting this fledgling group up and running is helping it establish its identity.  One very visual way to do that is to help find a picture that identifies and represents the Houston Group.  If you take a look at this page, you'll see that we have a chance to quickly skip a step ahead of several other groups by representing our group with a picture that's visually appealing and reflects the area and people.

The group leaders, currently me but could be you too (hint hint), will review submissions to this thread and pick one to use.  If there continue to be great submissions, the picture will get rotated so come on - show me what ya got!

UPDATE:  I'm changing the rules a little and upping the ante.  The picture with the most likes will become the group description pic.  (This should eliminate any bribes I might be offered. ;-) )  I'll also throw in a special piece of Atlassian swag!


Well, here's my candidate for the group profile picture.  I really hope someone can do better. :-P

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I'm not artistic, so I am stealing a pic of my favorite sign:

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LarryBrock Community Leader Feb 08, 2019

I'm not artistic either @Veronica Kolstad.  This is a great pic - where is this sign?

I think it's still up at 8th Wonder Brewery! It's moved once or twice.


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