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Bitbucket Cloud’s new code review experience is now available

This blog is part of our series on how to use Atlassian features, automations, and integrations to take time back to ship better code, faster. Click here for the full list of 12+ new features.

Bitbucket Cliud's new code review experience

The purpose of code reviews is to catch and fix errors in your team's code before it hits the master branch and causes a whole lot of headaches. But while simple code changes can be reviewed by manually scanning through code, what happens when you have multiple changes across several files and thousands of lines of code in one pull request? And then, when you find issues across these files, how do you manage next steps and collaborate with your team to fix those issues?

To help solve for these challenges, we're excited to announce that we've launched a newly revamped pull request experience. The new experience makes it easier to review complex diffs, review third-party code reports alongside your code, and collaborate across teams to improve code quality before you approve and merge.

Read the blog to learn more about the new features. Once you've tried it, let us know what you think.

1 comment

Adrien Ragot _Requirement Yogi_ August 11, 2021

I'm sorry, I don't know where to ask this question; Today, I've learnt that Bitbucket Cloud has just published self-hosted Pipeline Runners. It's sad to see the Bitbucket team work as much as they can to attract us to the cloud, but what we are bogged down with, the UX for code reviews is still really worse than on Bitbucket Server. We've decided it was to the point that it would affect the quality of our engineering if we moved to them: We wouldn't be able to focus on the code, we'd be bogged down browsing the UI up and down, we wouldn't catch the problems.

I can see you've implemented side-by-side diffs, but you did it as a submenu, not by default, only for the file you click on, without the treeview on the side, and it comes back to normal when you reload the page, and you can't browse the project in the sidebar like you would do in an IDE... so it's not really a UX improvement, you just needed to say you had side-by-side diffs. You had a good UX with Bitbucket Server, it's strange that you didn't reproduce your own good ideas.

=> Is there any plan to bring Bitbucket Server's code reviews to the cloud?

=> Or as a workaround to the difficult Bitbucket Cloud UX, is there any app that has reproduced Bitbucket Server's great UX for the code reviews?

=> Have you identified at all that it was a problem?

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