using rest api to update table in a page, background color cell does not work anymore

Deleted user April 1, 2020


I was able to change background color of TD of a table in legacy pages, but not in new pages (the new style), it seems confluence strips the style of a TD when after I submit it through rest api 


any help?



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Daniam Ali Castellanos T_ July 7, 2021

We're on the same page here.

I read somewhere about that you need to iterate throughout the HTML of it, and make changes there.

<p>Testing page</p><table class=\"wrapped\"> <colgroup> <col /><col /><col /></colgroup> <tbody> <tr> <th>Header 1</th> <th>Header 2</th> <th>Header 3</th> </tr> <tr><td class=\"highlight-grey\" data-highlight-colour=\"grey\"> <span style=\"color: rgb(255,255,255);\"> Row 1A </span></td> <td class=\"highlight-red\" data-highlight-colour=\"red\">Row 1B</td><td class=\"highlight-green\" data-highlight-colour=\"green\">Row 1C</td></tr> </tbody></table> <p class=\"auto-cursor-target\"> <br /></p>


But still haven't got there, if you manage to do something about it, let me know, maybe together we can achieve something.

Duane Kuroda March 20, 2024

I have tried to modify my HTML to only one style change

style=\"background-color: yellow;\"

using that same style on 3 cells to see if it worked. It did not. Note: before I sent my HTML to confluence, I also saved locally, and my local file renders properly, applying the style. The view-source on the confluence page does not show any styling code.

I'm curious what others have done to get formatted tables. Anyone?

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