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George Abdo March 21, 2024

Hi All,

I have a question hopefully someone will be able to clarify.

I am trying to get stats for my teams activity in Conluence (they have targets they should meet).

If I use the analytics reports, I get numbers significanyly lower than if I use the search.
Refer to these screenshots for examples.

I basically used the same date search for the same individual.confluence analytics 1.pngconfluence search 1.png

In the above examples, Analytics shows only 4 created/updated but in the search results it shows 46 total created/edited.


I am basically trying to understand what the difference is.


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Emily _ DevSamurai
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March 21, 2024

Hi @George Abdo , as far as I understand, the discrepancy you’re observing between the analytics report and the search results in Confluence could be due to a few factors:

  1. Analytics Filter Settings: The analytics feature might be applying certain filters that aren't as apparent or are different from the search function. For example, it might only count pages and not include other types of content like blog posts or comments, even if those are included in your search parameters.

  2. Content Type: As mentioned, analytics may distinguish between different content types (pages, blogs, comments), whereas the search function might aggregate all content types edited or created by the user.

  3. Date Range and Time Zones: Ensure that the date range is the same in both searches and that there's no timezone discrepancy affecting the displayed results.

  4. Indexing Issues: There might be a delay in the analytics data being updated due to indexing or data processing lag. The search function often pulls the most current state of the system, which may not have been fully processed by the analytics system yet.

  5. Permissions and Visibility: The analytics reports might only reflect content that the viewer has permission to see, whereas search results could be reflecting a broader set of data.

  6. Drafts and Unpublished Changes: Analytics might not count drafts or unpublished changes, but these could appear in search results depending on the system's configuration.

  7. User Activity Specificity: The analytics section might be focusing on a subset of user activities. For instance, it might only track the creation of new pages and not updates to existing pages, or vice versa.

To understand the specific differences, you may want to:

  • Check the filter and configuration settings in both analytics and search features.
  • Consult the Confluence documentation or reach out to Atlassian support for details on how these tools count user activities.
  • Verify that both tools are set to the same time frame and that there are no hidden filters applied in one of the tools.

I hope this may help!

George Abdo March 21, 2024

Hi @Emily _ DevSamurai 

Thanks for the reposne.

I made sure that both the analytics filter and the search are set for the current "space" and date range. In both cases I was specifying pages.

The discrepancy is too big to be accounted for by indexing. Example, one search returned 280 pages and analytics only showed 19.

It would be helpful if the criteria for analytics is explicitly known. At face value, it should be "edited" or "created"...

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