Is Confluence 6.5 for real? Edited

Is there a way to make confluence 6.5 resemble previous versions (I'm not sure exactly when everything was changed, but 4.3.7 was damn near flawless...there was no reason to change that site layout)?  Maybe I'm the only one but I do not see this as an improvement at all but quite the opposite. 

Most notably the sidebar.   What is that?  I feel like I'm looking at some sort of developer mode and that users should not be seeing this view.   The goal is to make things easier to read/access, not obscure them behind pointless hyperlinks and collapsable lists. 


The top bar isn't much better either though...what's up with the "Spaces" button?  Is there a point to adding spaces as a favorite?  Because that doesn't appear to actually change anything...



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I agree.  Please walk back the design decisions made for this release.


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