Top 10 Confluence Premium Questions from New Features in Confluence Webinar

Hi there! I’m Hilary, a Product Manager on Confluence Cloud Premium. I want to thank everyone who attended our recent webinar, New Confluence features for improved team productivity.

We shared ways that our exciting new features in Confluence can make your team more productive, like how to:

  • Create captivating content with tables, templates, integrations.

  • Organize spaces, pages, and profiles to be more easily found.

  • Scale Confluence as your organization grows.

You can watch the recorded webinar right now!

We had 235 questions submitted during the webinar, so I wanted to publicly answer the top ten most frequent questions we heard about Confluence Cloud Premium.


Q1: Does Confluence Premium take away any of the features that I currently use as an admin?

A: No! In the Atlassian spirit of ‘Don’t #@!% the customer', we made a concerted and deliberate decision to only add brand new features to Premium. We haven't removed any features from the Standard edition and don’t plan to in the future.


Q2: Is there a Premium discount for nonprofits?

A: Academic & Community Discounted cloud pricing is now available for eligible academic organizations and non-profit organizations. Academic organizations can receive 50 percent off cloud subscriptions and non-profits can receive 75 percent off. Read all about it here.


Q3: I only want one or two of the Premium features, can I purchase them separately?

A: Confluence Cloud Premium is a complete package for helping you make better decisions, removing obstacles fast, and getting uptime, for your team, all the time. As with most cloud products across the industry, you can't buy features stand-alone. Feel free to check our marketplace for solutions that may solve your specific problem! There are great apps out there which may help you pick-and-choose certain solutions.


Q4: How does Atlassian determine what functionality is "basic" and which functionality is "premium"?

A: Confluence Cloud Premium was designed for larger, more advanced cloud customers who want to scale. We’ve identified problems that arise when customers have lots of users and content on their sites to determine the functionality that gets added to Premium. As Confluence instances grow from teams to teams of teams, we’ve heard from customers that product administration becomes increasingly painful, permissions get mangled, and users need more advanced ways to document and collaborate. We’ve also heard for years that our products can be feature-heavy and complicated. With Premium we're on a mission to build new features that support advanced teams without cluttering the Standard experience.


Q5: Can you provide more details about the new External Collaboration functionality?

A: On a high level, Premium external collaboration will allow you to add external users to one or more spaces on your Confluence site. External users would only be able to see content and users restricted to those specific spaces. They would be blocked from using sensitive Confluence features like the People Directory, Space Directory, and Mentions. We’re also planning to test anonymous uses for pages for our Standard plan. We’re still working out some of the details for external collaboration, so if you’d like to test it out or give us your feedback, please comment below or sign up for an interview slot here.

Q6: With Premium external collaboration, will I be charged for external users who I add to my site?

A: As mentioned above, we are still in the process of building this feature and would love to know what you’d expect. Please give us your feedback in the comments or sign up for an interview.  


Q7: With Premium, would we be able to see usage analytics by Page? Or only by Space?

A: Premium analytics shows you analytics on a page, space, and site level. You can read more about all the insights that come with analytics in our documentation here.


Q8: Are there options with the analytics and reporting pages to download exports of the raw data?

A: Yes, you can download Excel exports of the analytics tables by simply clicking the three dots (…) in the top right of the analytics table and selecting “Export Excel”. You can export the list of pages in a space with their total and unique views. There isn’t currently an export of the raw data, only the aggregated data you see in the analytics user interface.


Q9: Does Analytics have page views based on specific devices like desktop and mobile?

A: Analytics captures page views on mobile and desktop, however, there isn’t a way to see how many views came from each device type at this time. If this is something you’d like to see we’d love to hear more about how you would use that data. Leave us a note in the comments!


Q10: Can I use the Premium custom domains feature to move my existing Confluence Cloud site to a different domain name?

A: Yes, when custom domains is released you will be able to use it to move your existing Confluence Cloud site e.g. to whatever new name you see fit e.g.


If you have additional feedback or feature suggestions for Premium, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thank you all and see you next time!



Nicole October 3, 2019

I would like to see more detailed Analytics. Confluence Cloud does not play well with Google Analytics and it would be nice if it did, especially since our instance is public-facing.

Test Account October 4, 2019

Many features of "Premium" are expected to be in Standard (Admin Key, Permissions, Analytics), doubling the price for adding long awaited features is a rip-off. Sorry.

Nicole November 20, 2019

After trying out Premium, my organization would like to have the ability to pull more metrics data than is currently offered in Analytics. A suggestion has been posted for this.


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