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Why our company couldn't buy Confluence

Joe July 8, 2021

I just wanted to put this out there.

Our company uses Jira, so I've been trying to get Confluence into our org as well. But twice I hit minor missing functionality that prevented that from happening.


1. We use Quip instead of confluence. Quip has the advantages of

  • page load speed is fast
  • click on the page to edit
  • instantly at the clicked spot, editing...
  • Works plenty well enough for us as a documentation platform but obviously lower security and less features than Confluence

While that might not sound like a deal maker, Confluence editing goes something more like this (especially if you don't know the shortcut):

  • page load speed is, well, ok.. whatever
  • scroll up to show the edit button if it's hidden
  • page load speed (again) is, well, ok.. whatever
  • Page loads back at the top
  • Find the place you want to edit, what was I trying to write? I did 5 actions and already forgot that great idea. Oh, wait, my friend just slacked me, I'll do this later

I simply wasn't allowed to introduce such a productivity killer into our environment.

How to easily fix this:

I understand that click to edit is not really compatible with the design of confluence, but therefore edit initiation should look like this.

  • page load speed is, well, ok.. whatever
  • edit button is easy to find and always available
  • page editing starts from where you are or at least loads the page back where you were on it. (Jeez)

I mean, why do we need to load the page from the top, and why is the edit button always a hassle to reach? Should I create a graphic demo to show you how this flow should work?

Editing is literally the most important feature in Confluence. Why make it so difficult to do?


2. So I still wanted Confluence and got another opportunity to push for Confluence when we needed a Q&A platform (Questions for Confluence VS Stack Overflow for Teams):

  • Wow, I realize Questions for Confluence + Confluence is only $7.5 VS $6 for Stack Overflow for teams. Cool, I can convince management, I can now push Confluence to my company!
  • Wow, Questions for Confluence integrates with Confluence and Jira, cool, Q&A + pro doc tool for my org that connects with our task management tool, yeah!
  • Oh, no Slack integration.....
  • Ask other employees what's the most important feature for them in a Q&A platform? Answer: honestly, the Slack integration..


No Confluence again for my company I guess :(

Confluence, any chance you can help me out here a little, can ya? As your dedicated fan, I'm trying as hard as possible but feel like you keep putting sticks in my wheels so I can't reach you..

Thanks for taking the time to read

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Natalia Baryshnikova
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
July 8, 2021

Hey @Joe - thanks a lot for being a Confluence fan, and sharing your honest opinion with us! And extra thanks for giving an actionable feedback. Really appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you put into this post. One of my PMs will reach out to you early next week to connect and learn more on how we can help. Cheers, and have a good day!

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