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Roadmap Planner Macro - Some Feedback

Teresa Durham October 15, 2018

Ok, so I've tried to use this thing and decided to share my thoughts just in case someone else is trying to do similar things and has found a better way or the developers are watching and can get some ideas for improvement.

I'm happy to have this option.  It is a nice visual but seem to fall short on anything beyond the most simple of efforts.

Opportunity #1: Allow freezing of timeline so it is visible as you add more lanes.  When you have several lanes and have to scroll down, the timeline at the top disappears.  This makes it difficult to place the new bars in the correct place without scrolling up and down to see where you are.

Opportunity #2: Allow user to add new markers, bars where he/she wants. Maybe an option asking for the date the marker should represent.  Currently, whenever I add a new bar it is inserted in the first lane in the first month and I have to go find it and drag it to where I want it to be.  Same with markers, a new marker pops up at the beginning of the timeline and I have to go find it and drag it to where I want it to be.

Opportunity #3: Allow user to add dates when adding a bar and it appears where it should with the correct length of time instead of, or in addition to, the current  functionality of dragging the bar across the timeline.

Opportunity #4: Allow the manipulation of the placement of the marker labels.  Maybe the ability to slide the label up the line to appear in the associated lane or just maybe staggered so it does not overlap a nearby marker.  When I add markers that are close to one another, because they are all on the same level, they overlap and are difficult to read.

Opportunity #5: Allow the ability to enlarge the window as the user is building the roadmap.  Working with more than 2 lanes and over 1 year is a challenge because you constantly have to move things around to see what you're doing within the narrow window.

These are just some thoughts that I've had and things I've been struggling with on this feature.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong or someone has found a workaround for some of these things?  If so, please share. 


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Florence Berglund
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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November 1, 2018

Agree with all these, especialy Opportunity 4. For us right now, the marker labels completely overlap in many places and are unreadable. An alternative to allowing free placement of the marker label would be to give the opportunity to match the colour of each marker with the colour of the swim lane it is associated with.

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