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DevEx Roundup: Compass components in Jira Software

Compass Communique: February 2024 - Compass components in Jira have arrived


Hello Compass Community,

We’re excited to announce the new native Compass integration with Jira Software! See how to connect your backlog to your Compass components - learn how to use Compass and Jira together to improve software delivery, and check out the latest updates and tips. Find it all here with Compass (log in here if you're already signed up).

What’s included this month:

  • 🔌 Connect your Jira Software issues with the new integration

  • 🤝 Connect teams faster - assign ownership during import

  • 🏢 Webhook for GitLab self-managed instances

  • 👩‍⚖️ Faster results and fewer meetings: governance on-demand with Compass


🔌 Connect your Jira Software issues with the new Compass integration


We’ve officially released the native Compass integration with Jira Software which brings the Compass components and the Component tab to Jira users. Company-managed Jira Software projects can use Compass with the component field and benefit from:

  • Linking issues to components and tracking work against health metrics

  • Identifying bottlenecks and improving your developer experience

The Compass component catalog is free for all Atlassian Cloud users, so all Jira Software users on company-managed projects can benefit from the component field, even if they aren’t already Compass users.

Learn how to use the Compass component field in your Jira Software project today, and join our webinar on March 5th/6th for live demos and Q&A with Katie Silver, Senior Product Manager.


🤝 Connect teams faster - assign ownership during import



Importing your repos and assigning component ownership is the fastest path to tracking and improving your software’s health in Compass. Now you can assign ownership while importing components from the Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab apps, making it even easier to connect your teams to the information and metrics they need.


🏢 Webhook for GitLab self-managed instances


Get build, deployment, and merge request activity from GitLab self-managed into Compass easily using our new incoming webhook for GitLab self-managed. See deployment events on the Compass activity feed, giving you more contextual information to reduce cognitive load. Teams get out-of-the-box metrics like Build Success Rate, Merge Request Cycle Time, and Deployment Frequency by simply adding a webhook to a GitLab project or group, and use those scorecards to build scorecards and standards at scale.

Learn more about using the GitLab self-managed incoming webhook.


👩‍⚖️ Faster results and fewer meetings: governance on-demand with Compass


Governance on-demand improves speed, quality, security, and developer experience. Compass scorecards replace recurring meetings so teams can track progress against organizational standards at scale without the meetings and interruptions. Teams know upfront what’s required and see how they’re tracking at all times. Watch how to get started and log in to create your own scorecards


Want to share your thoughts or ideas? Let us know with a comment below, or sign-up to chat with a Compass PM! Haven’t tried Compass yet? Sign-up today!



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