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Auto Status Update - when new Worklog is created

Hi All,

Below is one of the scenario which I came across in my project. We used one of the Custom Field - Status Update for reporting purpose. In order to make this automated I have use automation to append the latest worklog comment to the existing value of Status Update Field.


Status Update Column gets updated automatically as soon as Work log for that particular ticket is created

Use Case:

Developers have to enter Worklog Comment and also update Status update field. This should be automated to avoid duplicate efforts as the developer already providing details in Worklog Comment.

Auto Status Update.JPG



Step 1 - Work logged (event) - Created
Step 2 - Edit issue field - Status Update - {{now.format("dd MMM")}} - {{worklog.comment}} (eol)



Automation Rule:

Step 1:

Work Logged.JPG

Step 2:

Edit Issue.JPG


Hope anyone in Community can use this!



Sadeesh N

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August 10, 2021

Thanks for this post, @Sadeesh Narendran !

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