Topic Tuesday: Having a Great time at Atlassian Summit: Barcelona!


Greetings From Barcelona!

I am having a fantastic time meeting with other AUG Leader, Community Champions, Atlassians and Atlassian Partners!  I absolutely cannot wait to come back and share all of the fantastic information from the Company and partners.  What are you most interested in hear about from Summit?  



Any other new features that might be coming! :-) 

Absolutely!  There was so much product and feature news that they broke products out into their own 'State of the Union' sessions.  I'm hoping they will publish the videos before our AUG, because I couldn't make all of them.  Going to start building my presentation after doing some sight seeing & beach time tomorrow. I hope you will be able to make it to the AUG next week.

edit:  Oh and I will post a follow up from the AUG if you can't.  

WOW! That is nuts! Looking forward to hearing all that you have learned! I definitely intend to come to the next AUG meet! :)

Excited to hear back on everything you saw and heard at the Summit. See you tomorrow!

Can't wait to share it all with you!


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