JIRA Bookmarks Edited

One of the small things that makes it easier to jump around JIRA for me are two bookmarks that we setup in our office.  This should work for any instance, just save the following as your bookmark URL.  Be sure to update [YourSubDomain] to match your environment.

JIRA Issue Finder

This will allow you to enter in an issue key and jump straight to that issue in a new tab.  This is not case sensitive.

javascript: var dest = prompt("Issue ID?"); window.open("https://[YourSubDomain].atlassian.net/browse/" + dest, '_blank');


JIRA Project Versioning

This will take you straight to the version page of a project for quick updates/releases.  This IS case sensitive.  If you do not use uppercase for the Project Key it will fail.

javascript: var dest = prompt("Project Abbreviation?"); window.open("https://[YourSubDomain].atlassian.net/plugins/servlet/project-config/" + dest + "/administer-versions?status=unreleased", '_blank');


There is HTML validation on the post, so it changed "javascript:" to "javascript:"  Be sure to change that back when you copy and paste or your bookmarks won't work.  Hope this helps someone else out!

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Thanks for sharing this with us @Greg Sprowls

I remember you sharing this from you talk earlier this year!


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