I am going to Summit and bring ...

From September 3rd until September 7th Summit and AtlasCamp are taking place in Barcelona.

Let us know if you're joining us at Summit or not. And to keep things interesting add one specific thing you will/would bring with you to Barcelona!

I'll get started: I'm going to both Summit and AtlasCamp and bring with me my Meta-Inf-branded sunglasses. (I still don't have an Atlassian Toothbrush so ..t)



I'm attending Summit for the first time, and enjoying some free days in Barcelona after the Summit. I will bring my Atlassian water bottle with me (and open for hints of what I should bring with me as well ;-) ).

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Don't bring too many T-Shirts, you'll get plenty! ;-)

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I will be attending my 6th :-) Summit and Atlascamp. I will bring my oldest Summit & Atlascamp T-shirts

Wow sixth! So you're a real Summit Alumni ;-) Go get that badge when you arrive! :D

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I'll be around too somewhere :) 

I'll be bringing some of my most exclusive Atlassian swag :) But make sure to keep room in your bag for some new swag!

I think I'll just be bringing boxershorts with me or are there Atlassian Boxers available  this year? :D

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