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Minimal Windows Runner pipeline that doesn't automatically clone anything?


Is it possible to create a pipeline that doesn't automatically clone anything? Or perform any other automagical tasks, such as cleanup etc.?

I've tried creating - what to me seems like - the "minimal viable pipeline" with just simple hello-world type script, but I see that the pipeline automagically tries to clone the repo and checkout specific branch. I have no previous experience in Bitbucket pipelines, so my understanding of them is weak at best and my assumptions about "minimal viable pipeline" might be completely off.

Currently piplines fails (at cloning stage) with No PSK available. Unable to resume.

I suppose this is because I haven't added any keys to Pipeline settings in Bitbucket. There should be no need for that, as I don't want the runner to automagically clone anything. I have the needed SSH keys in the build environment so that the build script can access Bitbucket repos as needed.

My bitbucket-piplines.yml currently looks like this

- step:
name: Build step
- 'self.hosted'
- 'windows'
- Write-Host 'This step will run on a self hosted Windows runner.';

What I'm after is basically having full control over how and when something is checked out from the repo.

My plan is to retain local clone and just `git fetch` and `git checkout` the branch to be built + other dependencies (as needed) on top of that baseline to minimize traffic + time spent cloning/fetching stuff from Bitbucket.

In other words, I want to use the Pipelines just for scheduling build jobs on our self-hosted runner(s) and for collecting the results of those jobs, while doing all the heavy lifting with our own build system.

I don't want automatic cleanup or anything like that, since the runner executes in a Docker container, so it's not "polluting" the host. I want the runner to cleanup just the temporary files it has created, anything else it should leave be. Anything our build system generates will be cleaned up by the build system itself.

(The build environment is Windows Nano Server + Scoop + 3rd party SDKs + Powershell scripts on top of MsBuild for building & packaging, C++ & C# projects)

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My problem is mostly solved by the answer in this thread

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