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AC Berlin/Brandenburg and COVID-19

Joerg Mueller-Kindt March 6, 2020

I guess that by now there are not many of you who haven‘t heard about COVID-19 - or "the Coronavirus" -  and we know that many of the companies that you work for have established policies that prohibit all unnecessary travel and meetings of any sort, which includes user groups like ours. While we understand the concerns and the apprehension caused by the epidemic, we have decided that we will continue organizing our meetings and will keep our schedule, as long as the local health authorities do not tell us otherwise. Make no mistake: COVID-19 is here to stay, maybe for at least another year, if the published estimates for the time it will take to produce a vaccine are correct. We cannot stay at home for that long, we somehow will have to learn to live with it and we cannot stop living, working and talking.

For our group that means, that we will make changes to our regular events, heighten awareness, and take measures like avoiding physical contact, no open food or beverages etc. and we trust that the people that we work with for our breakfasts and afternoon social events  have taken proper precautions preparing the food and beverages they serve. But we will be here for those of us who need to keep the fire burning and will combine - probably smaller - live events with live streaming, so that you can participate remotely, but we will not go away or hide.

That is kind of our job in times like these and we are hoping for your support.

See you around.



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Jousef March 6, 2020

Thank you @Joerg Mueller-Kindt for working out alternatives like the live streaming.

Indeed, our company here at Delivery Hero also has introduced some policies that state to refrain from going to bigger events and gatherings. But also, while being careful and clean, we shouldn't be afraid to meet up and get our minds together.

Hope to see you guys soon!

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Robby Holtmann_IntraFind Software AG_
Marketplace Partner
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March 6, 2020

Hi Jörg,

that´s a great statement!

Take care, be save but don´t get scarry.

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