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Upgrading to 9.2.7 still shows 9.2.4 in the Footer

brian_schrader November 13, 2023

I have upgraded from 9.2.4 to 9.2.7 to mitigate the critical security vulnerability I was notified about. However after doing the upgrade twice and verifying the installer version (9.2.7) I still see 9.2.4 in the footer and I am unsure if the upgrade worked. However it seems to have completed successfully each time and I'm at a loss for how to verify the version number other than the footer.

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haneryyy November 14, 2023

Hello Brian,

If you've upgraded Confluence to version 9.2.7 but still see version 9.2.4 in the footer, try the following steps to troubleshoot and ensure the correct version is displayed:

Clear Browser Cache:
Clear your browser cache to ensure that the updated version information is loaded.

Verify Database Schema:
Confirm that the database schema upgrade completed successfully. Check the Confluence logs for any errors during the upgrade process.

Check Installation Directory:

Navigate to your Confluence installation directory and look for the file. Open it and confirm that the version mentioned matches 9.2.7.

Restart Confluence:

Restart the Confluence service to ensure that all changes take effect.

Browser Incognito/Private Mode:

Try accessing Confluence in incognito/private mode to rule out any cached data affecting the version display.

Verify Application Information:

In the Confluence administration console, go to "General Configuration" > "Administration" > "System Information." Check if the displayed version matches 9.2.7.


If, after performing these steps, you still encounter version display issues, it's advisable to reach out to Atlassian Support or consult the Atlassian Community for further assistance.

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