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How Jira Automation Keeps Our Lights On (not literally 🤓)

In today’s fast-paced, tech-driven world, the line between traditional and digital administrative tasks has become increasingly blurred. While Jira is primarily heralded as a beacon for software project management, its diverse array of features makes it suitable for other responsibilities as well. This article delves into how this approach not only maintains our operations but also metaphorically ‘keeps our lights on.’

At Amoeboids, We use Atlassian tools quite extensively. So much so, that almost all our business activities are managed within one Atlassian tool or the other. This article delves deep into how we used Jira Automation to not only maintain our operations but also metaphorically ‘keeps our lights on’.

Rethinking Jira Beyond Software Development

For many, Jira is synonymous with software development, bug tracking, and agile methodologies. However, Jira’s adaptability and versatile suite of tools allow it to transcend these boundaries. This potential is best illustrated when applied to tasks that might seem mundane but are essential to an organization’s operations.

Setting the Stage with the ‘Office Admin’ Project

Every efficient system begins with a well organized structure. We started by creating a dedicated ‘Office admin’ project within Jira. Doesn’t really matter whether it a Team managed or Company managed project. Even in terms of workflow, we use the simple workflow of (To Do, In progress, Done). But if you needs dictate, you can always create workflows with more steps. 

This ‘Office admin’ project serves as a focal point for all administrative tasks, consolidating them in a centralized location for easier tracking and management.

Office admin 1 - super search.jpg

Observe that we had created Office admin project long time ago when Team managed projects did not exist. That time, we also ended up using a Software project. If we were to start afresh, we would use a Team managed Business project.

Harnessing the Power of Automation

One of Jira’s standout features is its automation capabilities. Here’s how we’ve put them to use:

  • Scheduled Task Creation: On a predetermined recurring schedule, an automated task springs to life. This task pertains to our monthly electricity bill and serves as a nudge to ensure it’s addressed promptly.
  • Automatic Assignment: Eliminating confusion and the “passing the buck” mentality, the task defaults to our admin manager. This ensures that the responsibility is always with someone, reducing the likelihood of oversight.

Office admin 2 - Automation 1.jpg

Above automation rule creates recurring tasks at 18:00:00, on the 25th day, every month starting in January. The tasks themselves are configured as below.

Office admin 2 - Automation 3.jpg

Here, you will notice we are keeping the summary static - 'Electricity bill payment - Month year'. Once the task is created, the admin manager will update the summary to something like - 'Electricity bill payment - August 2023'. And then attach the corresponding documents for reference. 

The Impact on Our Operations

  • Enhanced Consistency: With Jira's automation in place, we’re guaranteed that the task will be generated each month, eradicating human error from the equation.
  • Clear Accountability: Assigning tasks by default delineates responsibility. It's always evident who is overseeing the bill, fostering a culture of accountability.
  • Elevated Efficiency: A centralized hub means less shuffling through paperwork or emails. Everything is neatly organized in one accessible place.

We have been doing this for quite some time now, see the evidence below :)

Office admin 2 - Automation 4.jpg

And btw, our recently released app 'Super search' for Jira, allows you to fetch issue attachments seamlessly in the search results.

A Ripple Effect on Other Tasks

Since implementing this system for our electricity bills, we've been inspired to expand Jira's automation to other areas. Whether it's routine maintenance checks, quarterly reports, or other administrative duties, the possibilities seem endless.

In Conclusion

Jira, in its essence, is a tool that empowers its users to be more organized, efficient, and proactive. By thinking outside the box, we've taken these benefits and applied them to seemingly everyday tasks. The result? A streamlined process that ensures that while our lights (literally) remain on, the metaphorical lights of our organization's efficiency and innovation burn even brighter. In a world where the line between the traditional and the digital is rapidly fading, tools like Jira offer a bridge that brings the best of both worlds. It's not just about software development or project management; it's about reimagining what’s possible in the realm of administrative excellence.


We have previously written about how we use JSM for managing an elaborate recruitment process - in article 1 & article 2.

Tell us if you are using Jira's native automation for achieving something similarly intriguing.



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